Healing Talisman to Remove Boils and Pimples

A most useful Hindu Healing Yantra, which acts as a Healing Talisman and Spell to remove boils, pimples, cysts, blackheads and acne from the face and other parts of the body has been described by me in this post. In the Hindi language, this talisman is called as the Phod Phunsi Nikalne Ka Yantra.

The Yantra is a standalone healing remedy and it can be prepared on any day. It is left entirely to the wishes of the practitioner how he wants to worship the Yantra. A simple way is to place it on a wooden board and light an oil lamp and incense stick in front of it before using it.

The Yantra shown in the image can be prepared and used in different 2 ways.

Hindu Healing Yantra to Remove Boils and Pimples
Healing Talisman to Remove Boils and Pimples

1] It can be drawn on a Bhojpatra with the paste[ink] of either Saffron[Kesar] or Ashtagandha and a small pointed wooded stick can be used as the pen.

Then, it should be worshiped and then folded and placed inside a metal locket and tied with a thread around the upper right arm as a healing talisman.

2] The Yantra can be drawn on a leaf of a Sacred Fig Tree [Peepal Ke Ped Ka Patta] and worshiped and tied as it is with a string in the center of the upper frame of outside of the main door of the house. If the Yantra gets damaged, it can be replaced with a similar Yantra, prepared using the same procedure mentioned above in this post.

As per the Tantra, both the methods are equally effective and beneficial in removing boils, pimples and other body and facial scars and beautifying the face and the body.

The practitioner can use any one or both the methods to get relief from the pimples and acne problem.

Note- Many more Mantras, Yantras and Remedies of all kinds for skin related problems can be seen in the other sections of this site.


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