Vashikaran to Attract Girl or Boy in 24 Hours

This is an extremely easy and simple Vashikaran Prayog [ 24 Ghante Me Vashikaran] and the best thing of all is that it works in just 24 hours and in 24 hours you will surely receive some sign or indication about the success of the Vashikaran Prayog in attracting your desired girl or boy lover. - Post By Guru Swami

This Vashikaran Prayog is extremely extremely rare and unfailing as its been given by a great Guru and Yogi who lives in dense and remote locations to my brother. The Yogi had never shared this Prayog with anyone,  but my brother like a good friend got this Prayog from him,  after repeated attempts and requests.

If done properly this Vashikaran Prayog can never fail, however, it will never work is practiced for wrongful and malicious purposes.

Perform this Prayog only on Mondays.

Go to a Aak Tree also called Madar Ka Ped in Hindi and write the name of both the persons ie yourself and the desired lover on 2 different leaves with Turmeric Paste using a matchstick and tie both the leaves using a Kalwa and pour Milk on it and the Aak tree and pray in the manner described below.

“Hey Vrikshraj Apki Kripa Se Is Amuk Ladki Ya Ladke Ko Mere Vash Me Kare Ye Mere Har Baat Mane” -etc
“ हे वृक्षराज आपकी क्रिपा से इस अमुक लड़की या लड़के को वश में करे ये मेरे हर बात माने " -etc you can draft the prayer in any language,  in your own words but format and meaning is to be the same.

Then return back to your home and do not go near that plant nor open the tied leaves.

One thing to remember is that nobody should stop to see or interrupt you when you are performing this Vashikaran Prayog.

Now some miscellaneous questions:

1] From which side of matchstick do we have to write?

The Plain Side.

2] How to make Turmeric Paste and in which thing to carry it?

You can carry it in any utensil or Katori and mix some water in Haldi to make the paste.

3] Should the Milk be raw or boiled?


4] When to perform this Vashikaran Prayog?

Anytime you feel that you will not be interrupted and remain unseen.

5] Do we have to tie a knot on the Kalwa?

No just wrap it around the Madar leaves.

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Guru Swami


  1. guru swami ji ,
    what is your opinion on sadhana for siddhi of apsaras
    some sadhanas have been given in this website for urvashi and menaka .
    Can you enlighten me on success in apsara sadhana .

  2. Hi,

    Both leaves will tie together or separate.
    And also in prayer "amuk ladki ya ladke" will say one name or two persons girl and boy name while praying.

    Please reply

  3. Upay is only possible for Indians :(

  4. Someone has tried is it working ???

    1. Rahther than asking u should ha e tried yourself if needed it works 100% many are getting result if not in 24 hrs but 7 days u will get result

    2. Thanks Guru , I will try and let you know.

    3. This Monday I tried but till now no effect.

  5. Sir in telugu word aak tree means

  6. Swamigi,

    Please reply,
    Both leaves will tie together or separate.

    Also in the prayer you mentioned "amuk ladki ya ladke" in this area we will say only the boy name or both girl and boy name.

    waiting your favourable answer.


  7. Sir please tell me aak tree means in English what wecall it has?

    1. guruji, aak means safed aak or red aak? please reply which one is most favorable. and should leaves be attached to the tree while writing the names or plucked from the tree and tieing again to the tree with mouli?

  8. Namaste Guruji... I've done it yesterday and it's already 24hrs..
    Yet nothing is seen?
    Anything wrong?

  9. sir aak ke leaves ek din pehle todh kr rkh skte hein or totka monday ko kr skte hein? ya fir monday ko hi leaves todh kr ye upay krna hein? prophet666k mujhe ye sbhse best tarqa lg rha hein plz mujhe jldi is question ka answer kre it is very important for me .


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