Easy Totke for Work and Marriage

Two very simple Totke for work not going well and as per exceptions and for good marriage or job related problems have been shared in this post. These easy to practice remedies, which do not need much time, effort or money to perform are most suitable for people with basic knowledge about Tantra Shastra. - Post By Guru Swami

Work not going well or as expected
1] On A Friday take a Dhaga  [thread]of your length and tie 9 knots on it and then apply Sindur [vermillion]  on it taking the name of the work in which you want success or the work which is not going well or as per exceptions.  Then, spin the thread like a rope exercise and then tie it on a money plant.

2] Bury some Misri below Papita tree. This is all that should be done in order to practice this Totka for the above mentioned problems.

Good marriage or career and job problem
1] Take a Dhaga of your length and tie 5 knots in it then rotate it 7 times over your head and keep it inside a heap of wheat somewhere and then do Daan of that wheat in which you have mixed the Dhaga.
Do this Totka on a Tuesday.

Both the Totke given in this post as per the Tantra on Indian Totke, Upay and Paranormal Remedies are believed to give relief to the person undergoing these pressing problems that are giving him or her sleepless nights and affecting their mental peace.

If you are suffering from both the problems mentioned above, then, you can perform both the Totke simultaneously to get quick relief.

For the first problem that is work not going well or as per your calculations, I have given two different Totke, which will give the same result. If you wish, you can perform both of them together for faster relief.

Note- All these Totke are given in good faith and are based upon the Tantric Texts mentioned above, hence, I cannot give a sure shot guarantee about their success.

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  1. Sir,
    Should we do daan of wheat along with the dhaga or without? If the dhaga will be removed before daan then what should I do what that dhaga?

    1. You can do Daan of the wheat along with the Dhaga.

  2. Sir
    How much I have to take wheat means what quantity I use to take

  3. One more question Neelji...what kind and colour dhaaga is needed? Can we use mauli or tailoring dhaaga awould do too?


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