How to Know if you have Kali Juban

There is a very strong and wide-spread superstitious belief in most parts of the World, including India about some people having a “Black Tongue” or “Kali Juban” in Hindi. Such people are considered to be most inauspicious and unwanted because more often than not their negative utterances turn true.

It is believed that “Black Tongued People” unintentionally generate negative and harmful energy, which is transmitted through their tongue in the direction of the targeted person or thing and these vibrations affect that thing or person in some or the other way.

One such description about a “Kali Juban Vali Stri” or a woman having a black tongue given in a Tantrik Text is given below.

Description of Kali Juban in a Tantrik Text

How to Know if you have Kali Juban

If a black tongued woman praises something or someone then that thing or person is adversely affected. Likewise, if the same woman says something negative about someone or something then that thing or person is defect-free or harmless.

Some Tantriks, Black Magicians, or other practitioners of Harmful Voodoo Spells are always on the lookout for such men and women who are known to possess a “Kali Juban” because such people can be used as weapons to inflict damage on targeted persons.

However, in my opinion, it is most likely that spontaneous or unintended utterances or something that is said on the spur of the moment turn out to be true.

How to know if you have a Black Tongue or If you have the Power to Transmit your Thoughts:

1] If you think something bad, negative, or harmful about someone, but, if that person acts according to your wishes or does not harm or deceive you in any way and does your work as per your expectations.

2] If you think adversely about some material thing and that thing turns out to be defect-free.

3] If you praise someone or have high expectations about someone and if that person deceives you or does not do your work or acts against your wishes.

4] If you have high expectations about some material thing and that thing is defective or does not meet your expectations.

About these 4 Points

These are tried and tested and working methods to know if you have a Black Tongue or can Transmit your Thoughts and affect someone or something.

If you closely think and ponder about all the 4 points mentioned above and observe their working by monitoring your own day to days activities and interaction with others you can most certainly know if you can transmit your thoughts and affect someone or something aversely.

If you have experienced this phenomenon then you are free to share your experiences in the comments sections for the benefit of other readers.


  1. So if you bad mouth someone, then they succeed. That's the black tongue? And if you praise them they fail? Seems like a crappy power, seems counter-intuitive. Like a curse should curse and not bless if one has some negative power.
    So basically the opposite of what is said occurs? Huh? Weird.

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