Interesting Dream About Lord Hanuman

In this post, I have written about a Dream about Lord Hanuman that was experienced by a reader of this site. I have tried to give a relevant explanation about this very interesting Dream about Hanumanji.

The Mail received from the reader has been published below.

“My name is Ajay and I am a true and sincere Devotee of Hanuman. I am a regular viewer of your blog and it is really helpful and amazing.

I am writing to you now regarding a dream that occurred to me today when I was taking a short nap in the afternoon after doing my work.

I got a dream where I was chanting a Mantra or Stotra of Lord Hanuman. This Mantra or Stotra was literally new to me and I have never chanted it in my life. I don't know how I was able to chant it. But after I woke up, I am unable to recollect this Stotra or Mantra.

Interesting Dream About Lord Hanuman

I have few doubts regarding this Dream:

1. How is it that I was chanting some literally new Hanuman Mantra in my dream and why I forgot it when I woke up?

2. Could you also please let me know whether my soul was chanting this Mantra and after I woke up, I was made to forget this Mantra knowingly or unknowingly?

Request you to please solve these doubts as soon as possible.”

Possible reasons for this Dream about Lord Hanuman:

1] In many earlier posts, I have written how the Individual Soul or Atma merges into the Oversoul or Collective Soul during sleep. Hence, I will keep this part simple and uncomplicated so that lay-persons are able to understand it without difficulty.

2] This paranormal occurrence normally happens in the state after the state of deep sleep when the pattern of the movement of the brain waves is changed. The next state is REM Sleep when Lucid Dreaming takes place but the subject is more often than not unable to correctly remember or interpret the Dream.

3] It is most likely that the reader straight away entered this state and made some sort of connection with a certain divine frequency that is already present in the atmosphere.

4] This is a very strong and protective frequency because it is connected with Lord Hanuman who symbolizes strength and protection.

5] The reader is advised to sincerely chant any Mool Mantra of Hanuman, like Om Hanumate Namah or Shri Hanumate Namah because this is an auspicious dream in which the reader made a connection with a divine frequency.

6] The Dream also suggests spiritual advancement when the Individual Soul begins to vibrate with higher frequencies.


  1. Mr. Neil has a beautiful analysis of Ajay's dream. Many times we think a lot about a thing or a person, then at night we have dreams related to that, which makes no sense. Long ago, I used to recite the Sundara Kand of Ramcharit Manas everyday. I had remembered the entire Sundara Kand, so I  used to read without a book. In those days, I used to do this recitation in my dreams  . . Some times, in my dreams I recited small mantras of 5-6 words which were related to some goddess / deity, but which I had not read or heard anywhere. Now I read Sundarkand only on Tuesdays and Saturdays .No longer dreams of the recitation now .

  2. Hi Neel sir. I am in very much problem due to one person who has become my enemy without any reason and creating very much problem in my life personally, socially, and economically. Pls tell sir some upay aur Mantra for removing all kind of obstacles and hurdles and negativity from my life.
    Your sincere follower

    True followr

    1. There are many mantras of enemy destroyer available on this site, please see them.
      You can try any of these remedies -
      (1) Om Kshaum Kshaum Bhairavaaya Swaahaa ॐ क्षौं क्षौं भैरवाय स्वाहा - While chanting this mantra, write the name of the enemy on a piece of paper. Put this paper in a bottle of honey. The enemy will not disturb you .
      (2)Shabar mantra for making quarrel in the house of enemy -(Shabar Kalee Prayog)-   --Starting from Tuesday,chant three rosaries of this mantra for three consecutive days--Kaalee Kaalee Mahaakaalee dono haath bajaavai taalee ,"amuk"shatru ko baandhe ,ghar me lade mare kate mahaakaalee phat काली काली महाकाली दोनों हाथ  बजावै ताली ,"अमुक "शत्रु को बांधे ,घर में लड़े  मरे कटे महाकाली फट।(3)Enemy Stambhan Shabar Mantra-Jal baandhoo,jal vaayu baandhoo ,baandhoo jal ke teer, paanchon kaalaa kalwaa baandhoo ,baandhoo hanumant veer ,sahdev teree laakdee ,arjun tero baan ,"amuk"kee gati thaam de ,yati hanmat kee aan ,shabd saanchaa pind kaachaa ,mere guru kaa ilm saanchaa ,furo mantra eeshwaro vaachaa ,duhaai gorakhnaath kee . जल बाँधू ,जल वायु बाँधू। बाँधू जल के तीर। पाँचों काला कलवा बाँधू। बाँधू हनुमंत वीर। सहदेव तेरी लाकड़ी,अर्जुन तेरो बाण। "अमुक"की गति थाम दे ,यति हनमत की आन। शब्द साँचा,पिंड कांचा ,मेरे गुरु का इल्म साँचा। फुरो मंत्र ईश्वरो वाचा। दुहाई गोरखनाथ की। -Chant the mantra seven times on a fistful  black urad and blow it. Then throw them in the enemy's house or in the direction of the house. 

    2. The Hindi video of the last Mantra can be seen here -


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