Exorcism Mantra to Remove Black Magic and Evil Eye from Children

In this post, I have written about an ancient Evil-Eye, Curses and Black Magic Exorcism Spell that can be effectively practiced on possessed children and even adults. This is a Most Powerful and Fast Working Exorcism Mantra Remedy.

This Exorcism Ritual can be practice on any day as and when needed. However, it will give quicker results if it is practiced in the evenings or at night.

This is a standalone Paranormal Remedy and there is no need to perform any kind of worship before or after practicing this remedy. 

The procedure of practicing this Exorcism Ritual is described below:

Exorcism Mantra to Remove Black Magic and Evil Eye from Children

1] Ingredients for the Exorcism Ritual:
8 Pepper Corns
Some Salt
A few Hair of the Mother and Father of the Child. In the absence of the Mother, the practitioner can take the Hair of any other lady.

2] The practitioner has to take these 3 ingredients in his right hand and do an Utara of the affected child by Chanting the Exorcism Spell given below and simultaneously rotating his hand in a clockwise manner around the body of the child [ from head to toe].

बालस्य सर्वे विघ्ना नश्यन्ति मंत्रे वसति जगत्पति ||

Baalasya Sarve Vighnaa Nashyanti Mantre Vasati Jagatpati ||

3] This Exorcism Ritual has to be done 8 times in all and then the ingredients have to be put in a fire and burnt to ash. The practitioner and also put them in a small pan and burn them to ash over a flame.

4] If a foul smell emits from the burning ingredients, then it means that the evil energies have been exorcised from the body and surroundings of the child. If there is no foul smell, then it indicates that the child was not possessed by harmful invisible forces.

5] The ash of the burnt ingredients should be thrown outside the house.

6] If the practitioner is practicing this Exorcism Remedy on the child of any other person, then, he should not take any money for his services or even consume water, beverages, or food in the home of the affected people. This Paranormal Remedy has to be practiced totally free of cost otherwise it will not work or give the desired results.

The Hindi language video of this Exorcism Spell can be seen on our YouTube Channel – Bacchon Se Buri Nazar Aur Kala Jadu-Tona Nikalne Ka Mantra Upay

Notes- Readers can see many more Exorcism Spells and Rituals in the section on Exorcism Spells, Mantras, and Charms and Protection Mantras.


  1. पोस्ट में उतारा (utara )करने का उल्लेख है। उतारा शब्द से मतलब किसी व्यक्ति पर हावी बुरी हवा /बुरी आत्मा/नजर आदि के असर को उतारने या भगाने से है। उतारे की वस्तु सीधे हाथ में लेकर पीड़ित व्यक्ति के सर से पैर की और निर्देश के अनुसार बताई गई संख्या में (आमतौर
    से ७ या ११ )घुमाई जाती है। इससे वह बुरी हवा /आत्मा /नजर वस्तु में आ जाती है। उतारा की क्रिया के बाद वह वस्तु निर्देशानुसार स्थान पर
    (चौराहा /निर्जन स्थान /या पीपल आदि किसी वृक्ष के नीचे )रख दी जाती है या अग्नि में जला दी जाती है । 


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