A lot has been written about Advaita, which literally means Non Dual. The concept of Non Dualism was made popular by Adi Shankaracarya the eighth century Indian saint and philosopher. Since then other well-known philosophers like Ramana Maharshi have relentlessly st rived to tell the world that there is only one real state of existence, which is NON-DUALISM-THE ONLY REAL STATE.

Probably the best-known explanation in the modern times has been given by the Indian philosopher Ramesh Balsekar "Consciousness-at-rest is not aware of itself. It becomes aware of itself only when this sudden feeling, I-am, arises, the impersonal sense of being aware. And that is when Consciousness-at-rest becomes Consciousness-in-movement, Potential energy becomes actual energy. They are not two. Nothing separate comes out of Potential energy... That moment that science calls the Big Bang, the mystic calls the sudden arising of awareness..."

Now the question arises we know the meaning of Non Dualism, then how don’t we realize it we have tried everything that is written on how to achieve the Non Dual state.

What one has to understand first and foremost is what AWARENESS really is. It is awareness and nothing else, which leads you towards experiencing the state of Non Dualism. By becoming aware I mean that you should know what you wish to achieve, the final goal or aim that is to achieve the Non Dual state should be crystal clear.

Time and again, I have told everyone about the only thing, which is known about existence that is WE LIVE INSIDE THE THING THE THING LIVES INSIDE US. One has to become THE THING, when one becomes the thing then one becomes Non Dual in the true sense. One becomes everything.

The best way to become THE THING is by the practice of the MEDITATION OF SILENCE. This meditation of silence can be practiced by anyone, providing one knows and understands what one is doing, one can also modify this meditation in any such way that one finds suitable. The final goal should be clear that is to become THE THING. It is only in the deepest stages of silence that one looses ones identity.

An excellent Aphorism by nothing-profound Out Of Context: pieces of a life ‘You have to let the balloon go if you want to see it fly’ is worth pondering over again and again. The key to achieving the Non Dual state is letting go of everything, and I mean everything including you, as this is the only way to become THE THING.

Non Dualism can also be explained in the words of the poet Kabir 'when I exist you don’t, and when you exist I don't'

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  1. I always think of non-duality as the state a child is in when she's playing. She's not thinking about what she's doing, just doing it. She's completely absorbed. Acting and being are one.

  2. We were more close to enlightenment when we were child as every soul is enlightened and only attachment brings us to this world and makes us normal, we are enlightened already but we are not realizing it due to our attachments. Non-duality is the only thing that makes spiritualism superior to science and acceptable. After reading about non-duality, the first thing came to my mind was a video games which I played when I was a kid (Spiderman 1, GTA 3). They were all illusion but I was imaging and playing to feel it as real. The same happens right now, all is illusion but still I'm imagining. I got this guts that I'm the thing and the world is my play-ground. With this I can die without fear. Thank you Neel N

    1. Glad that you like the the post; Non Dualism is transcends science and the knowledge gained from the modern day education business.


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