This is a continuation of my last post BECOMING NON DUAL; in this post I will try to answer some obvious questions and doubts which naturally arise in the minds of most persons, some common doubts are highlighted here.

How many persons do you know who have become truly Non Dual?
How do you know if a person is Non Dual?
I have tried everything, all meditation techniques yet haven’t experienced Non Duality?
What is the proper technique to achieve Non Duality?
How do I know if I have achieved Non Duality?
How do I benefit by becoming Non Dual?

The obvious examples that come to mind are of Buddha, Jesus Christ, Adi Shankaracarya, Kalki Mahaavatar Shri Lahari Krishna and Sri Aurobindo. There are numerous others who have achieved and experienced Non Duality and there are others who are at the present moment are experiencing it, but it is not possible to name all of them here.

The signs to look out for if you are looking out for a person, who has achieved Non Duality, are the qualities, which the above-mentioned persons possessed. There was something about them, which set them apart from the common man; they were in a way unique. These persons had achieved what can be called merging with the infinite, nirvana, god realization or by whatever name Non Duality can be called by.

The qualities present in a realized person are so obvious that it is impossible not to notice them. What is known as Extra Sensory Precept ion, Telepathy, Faith Healing, sixth sense and Intuition can only be achieved if one experiences Non Duality. These qualities cannot be developed mechanically; the Non Dual element has to be present.

The above qualities are what can be called the by-products of Non Duality. The real experience, which such a person experiences cannot be described and others won't be able to understand it. It is not possible to describe the unknown or infinity, the unknown will always remain the unknown and infinity cannot be measured or described.

The MEDITATION OF SILENCE, which is the key to achieving the Non Dual state should only be used as a guideline, and should not be followed mechanically. The meditator should be aware of his final intentions and should fully understand what he is doing. When one becomes aware then the state or the channel to achieving Non Duality can be found sometimes even without trying. The key is to find this program or sensation or state of mind without which you can’t reach your destination.

Almost everyone has sometimes or the other unintentionally found Non Duality. The experiences of sixth sense, some fore warning, hunch or any other inexplicable experience, which everyone experiences, at least one in his lifetime is nothing but the Non Dual state.

The THING is present in you; you are present in the THING, which means you are the THING. The only thing, which is stopping you from becoming the THING, is AWARENESS. When you start become aware then things start falling in place. When you reach the Non Dual state you will immediately start noticing the changes in your thinking, your way of looking at the universe and life, you will also notice that you have acquired some unique qualities, which were not present before.

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