Emotional Space is that mental and emotional boundary or comfort zone, the violation of which makes one feel mentally and emotionally threatened and uncomfortable. Whereas PERSONAL SPACE is that physical benchmark of one’s comfort zone. Emotional Space is the mental benchmark of comfort.

The governing principles of Emotional Space are the same as that of Personal Space; it is the same interplay of THE THREE FORCES OF GOD. The Emotional Space between two persons having pure and unconditional love merges and become one, the barrier persists in all other cases. It is most essential for everyone to preserve this mental sanctuary, as this paves the way forward to mental growth and evolution. What one has do is observe carefully in whose company you are at ease, and who is in ease in your company.

Violations of the Emotional Space can lead to severe mental turbulence; violations can be either intentional or unintentional. One normally experiences unintentional violations when one has experienced a setback, whether financial or emotional like the death of a loved one. It is often seen that when one is in a troubled mental state, people start taking advantage. It is a natural reaction or impulse, inherited from the evolution cycle to press ones advantage over what one perceives as the weak.

Intentional violations are more often than not committed by those whom one thinks are close to him, like your own children. Elders are those who have to bear this the most as they are seen as weak and helpless. The most common example is that of grandparent’s baby-sitting over their grand children. This is a common sight in India, when both the parents go to work, or their social engagements, the children are dumped at their grandparents place or the grandparents are most graciously invited over.

In other cases, grand children are used to make the grandparents emotional, where money or property is concerned. It is your own children who breach and violate your Emotional Space to meet their own selfish agendas. The Emotional Space is ruthlessly taken away, and you are left with nothing and made emotionally dependant.

One recent example I witnessed was that of a relative whose son aged 22 died of an accident, at the time of the last rites both the parents were uncontrollable with grief. It somehow crossed my mind that the married daughter aged 24, also crying uncontrollably was acting. She knew that now with her brother dead she was the sole heir to the entire property.

I knew that what I had sensed was true when a son was born to the daughter; she managed to convince her parents that her brother had reincarnated as her son. There after she had another son, now both the infants are taken to stay at their grandparents place on Saturday, Sunday and every other holiday, the parents have been physiologically brainwashed to believe that it is their duty to look after their sole heirs. This coupled with interfering in their financial affairs; she has taken away all the Emotional Space of her parents. The mother not yet 50 and the father about 55, trying to cope with the tragedy have been made baby sitters for her children. Their personal life is in shambles, with the daughter watching over everything.

What I would suggest to any one in such a situation is to preserve their personal space, even if it means aliening your children. You have to keep in mind that if you give an inch they will take away a yard. Without your own Emotional Space, you will end up being automatons in the hands of others.

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  1. Hi Prophet.
    Yes i agree ,more and more children are using their parents for their own benefit,taking away all freedom of their parents.
    But sometimes parents are really happy to be so closely involved in the upbringing of their grandchildren it can also be a very good thing if no personal gain is involved.

  2. You make some excellent points here. When dealing with our loved ones, we have to be aware of our limits and how far it's healthy to go. Otherwise we end up bereft and in emotional turmoil.


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