Personal space is that invisible boundary around each and every person, inside which he feels secure and comfortable. Personal space is difficult to measures and varies from person to person. The volition of this space might lead to a feeling of discomfort and uneasiness. This personal space is an imaginary three-dimensional boundary or in spiritual terms something like a Personal Aura.

For example a person living in a crowded place might feel uncomfortable if someone comes too close to him, say less than 2 feet, or a person staying on a farm in an isolated place might feel uncomfortable if he suddenly finds someone camping say about 100 meters from his place of residence. So the psychological benchmark varies from situation to situation and from person to person.

The entire concept of Personal space is very interesting, and is a pointer to how the human brain has evolved since creation. The deeper studies into personal space will certainly lead to that final source of creation of all life not just human beings.

Each and every living being is a territorial animal including man. Every living being has an inbuilt defense mechanism, which springs into action if what it visualizes as its personal space or boundaries are violated. The natural defense mechanism spontaneously does what it is programmed for, this is without a second thought and the various types of defense mechanisms can be clearly seen in every living being.

The very fact that on one has been able to find where, when and how this inbuilt mechanism of personal space first began, simply points towards the ultimate source of THE EVOLVING ENERGY, which contains everything, and is contained in everything. I have been repeatedly saying that everything in this universe is but a play of THE THREE FORCES OF GOD, and these three forces are contained in even the smallest component of the evolving energy. These three forces the creative, protective and destructive control everything in this universe, including the thoughts and emotions of man, and also his notion of what amounts to his personal space.

For example one feels uncomfortable and threatened if someone violates his personal space, in such a situation one might step back or try to do something to prevent the violation, this is the protective force spontaneously coming into play. The protective force might resort to violence if there is no alternative left and other means will be resorted to, in order to find a way out of the violation, which is being faced,

If the violation is grave and the violator starts touching, assaulting or abusing you, you might instinctively punch that person; this is the destructive force coming into play. This response is spontaneous, as in the mind and thinking process there is a clear demarcation of the boundaries, as to what is the end point.

The creative force is exempt from the concept of Personal space; the creative force is at play when there is pure love, free from any sort of incentives or inducements between two persons. The persons involved might be two lovers, the pure love between the mother or father and child, this is unconditional love and pure energy is at play, in such cases the Personal space just melts away, and merges into a combined personal space. One can witness such behavior in most animals.

Finally, one should have a look at the very source, from where everything began, learn and try to understand the working and nature of the basic principles of life, which is the three forces of god, to come to a reasonable understanding of what evolution really is.

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