Simple Paranormal Remedies for Happiness and Prosperity

In this post, I have written about a simple paranormal method of bringing happiness, peace, and harmony into your house and removing all kinds of negative and destructive energies from the house. This is a simple set of three different paranormal remedies, which take hardly any time or effort to practice.

This set of remedies can be easily co-opted into your daily life without any kind of difficulty because they are standalone Upay that do not need any kind of Mantra, Yantra, or Prayer to make them work.

I have written about these paranormal remedies in earlier posts, but in this post, I have simplified the methods to make it easier for laypersons to practice these remedies if desired to find peace and tranquillity.
Simple Paranormal Remedies for Happiness and Prosperity

Add Rock Salt to your Bath Water:

Every morning, while having your daily bath add a tablespoon of Sendha Namak or Rock Salt to your bathwater.

This simple and easy-to-practice paranormal remedy removes all kinds of negative and harmful energies and vibrations that have entered or are trying to enter your aura.

This simple-looking paranormal remedy is very effective in removing the harmful effects of psychic attacks, energy leeches, curses, evil-eye, and most other malefic vibrations.

The detailed article on the use of rock salt in paranormal remedies can be seen here – Rock Salt Bath for Psychic Attacks

Burn Camphor in your Bedroom:

Another simple paranormal remedy to bring peace and tranquillity to your home is to burn a couple of tablets of camphor or Kapur in Hindi in your bedroom about half to one hour before going to sleep at night.

This remedy will be most effective in giving you sound sleep without nightmares and frightening dreams, removing tension, tiredness, domestic strife, depression, ailments and diseases, and negative vibrations, like Pitru Dosh and Buri Nazar.

The camphor tablets can be placed in a small cup or plate and lit and the plate moved to every corner of the bedroom. If desired this cleansing remedy can be performed in all the rooms of the house.

If unable to practice this remedy daily, it can be practiced on Saturdays, Amavasya, and Purnima because this remedy is most effective on these days.

Exorcise yourself and your family with Black Mustard Seeds:

This paranormal remedy can be very effective in preventing financial loss and money problems.

The practitioner should take Black Mustard Seeds or Kale Til in his right hand and close his fist and rotate his hand 7 times in a clockwise manner over the heads of all the family members and lastly over his head.

Then, after completing this exorcism ritual or Utara, he should go out of the house and throw the Mustard Seeds in the north direction and go back to his house.

This is a one-time paranormal remedy that can be repeated again if the need arises. This remedy can be practiced even if the practitioner is not going through a financial crisis because it is also effective in remove other blockages and obstacles that are creating problems for the practitioner.

The Hindi language video of this post can be seen on our YouTube Channel - Ghar Me Khushali Lane Ka Saral Upay

Notes- See the sections on Exorcism Rituals and Paranormal Remedies for more effective Tantric Rituals.


  1. Kale til remedy - we have to Before sunset or after sunset?

  2. इस पोस्ट में मस्टर्ड सीड्स का उल्लेख है। पाठक इस बारे में "नेत्र तंत्र "में लिखित
    निम्न जानकारी जानना चाहेंगे।
    शिवजी कहते हैं --मेरे आग्रह पर ब्रह्मा ने समस्त दैत्यों के नाश के लिए जिस वस्तु का प्रयोग किया ,वह वस्तु सर्षप {सरसों )कहलाई। जब दैत्य मार दिए गए या भाग गए ,तब इसे पृथ्वी पर भेज दिया। देवताओं के प्रयोजन सिद्ध होने से यह सिद्धार्थक कहलाई। सत्य युग में श्वेत ,त्रेता युग में रक्त ( लाल),द्वापर युग में पीली और कलियुग में काली सरसों अनुग्रह करने वाली होती हैं। सफ़ेद सरसों सब सिद्धियों को देने वाली होती है। लाल सरसों राज्य देने वाली होती है। पीली सरसों रक्षा करती है ,काली सरसों शत्रु का विनाश करने वाली होती है। चारों युगों में सर्वत्र पीली और काली सरसों और राई ही ग्राह्य है। शेष दो रूपों वाली (सफ़ेद,लाल )सरसों छिप गई। श्वेत और रक्त-दो रूपों वाली सरसों उत्तम होने के कारण प्रचलन में नहीं हैं।

  3. mustard seed is different from kale til. which one to use?

    1. ok.. according to satyanidhiji's explanation I'll take it as black mustard seeds..kale sarsoon.


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