Exorcism Mantra Ritual to Trap Ghosts Inside Tree

In this post, I have described a very interesting Bhoot- Pret Keelan Hanuman Mantra Experiment to exorcise ghosts, spirits, and other invisible entities and vibrations from the mind and body of a possessed person using iron nails and a cotton thread to traps ghosts and spirits inside a tree. 

This Exorcism Mantra Prayog makes the use of a most powerful and fast working Shabar Hanuman Bhoot-Pret Nashak Mantra.

The Vidhi or procedure given below has to be followed to exorcise ghosts, spirits, or any other entities from a possessed person.

1] The possessed person has to be taken to an isolated place where there is no likelihood of being disturbed while practicing the Mantra Prayog.

2] This Exorcism Mantra Experiment has to be practiced by making the possessed person stand by resting his back on the trunk of a tree.

3] Then, the practitioner has to tie a knot on the hair on the crown of the head of the possessed person and hammer a nail a little above that knot into the trunk of the tree.

4] Then, he has to make the possessed person spread his hands and hammer 1-1 nail a little below the thumbs of both the hands and 1-1 nail on either side of the palms of both the hands.

5] Then, 1-1 nail has to be hammered near the side of the thumbs of both the legs and 1-1 nail on either side of the feet of both the legs.

6] Then, he has to tie the possessed person to the tree by wrapping “Kacha Soot Ka Dhaga” or cotton thread over the person and the trunk of the tree 7 times. This Kacha Soot Ka Dhaga has to be wrapped in such a manner that the possessed person can free himself by moving from under the thread without breaking the thread.

7] The Bhoot-Pret Nashak or Exorcism Mantra should be chanted throughout the Exorcism Ritual.

हनुमान हठीले ठीक ब्रज्र का कील, मेरा गुरु कछनी काटे, मैं भी कछनी काटूँ, सात समुंदर खाई |
हनुमंत रज्जप उठता रे, मेरी अंजनी का पूत संकट में सहाय होय, मेरी आन गुरु की आन ईश्वर गौरा पार्वती महादेव की दुहाई ||

Hanuman Hathile Thik Braj Ka Keel, Mera Guru Kachni Kaate, Main Bhi Kachni Kaatoon, Saat Samundar Khaee |
Hanumant Rajjap Uthataa Re, Meri Anjani Ka Poot Sankat Mem Sahaaya Hoya, Meri Aan Guru Ki Aan Ishwar Gaura Parvati Ki Duhaaee ||

8] As per the Tantra, this Exorcism Ritual makes the ghost-spirit or entity, which has possessed that person leaves his body and trap it inside the tree.

Note- See the section on Exorcism Mantra and Ritual for more Exorcisms Spells, Yantras, Charms, and Paranormal Remedies.


  1. How many times mantra has to be chanted??

    1. Throughout the Exorcism Ritual, from start to finish. These is no fixed number of Mantra Chants.


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