Yantra for All Round Prosperity and Wealth

In this post, I have described a simple but very strong and effective Yantra-Mantra Sadhana for making a Yantra for Good Fortune and Prosperity and acquisition of all kinds of material wealth and property.

This Yantra Experiment invokes Lord Shiva, Shri Krishna, and the Nine Navnath Gurus for getting success in the purpose for which the Yantra is being prepared, and hence, it should be considered to be a most powerful and beneficial Yantra for progress in everything. 

The Vidhi for making this Soubhagya Vriddhi or Fortune and Prosperity Increasing Yantra is given below:

1] The Yantra shown in the sample image given below should be prepared on a piece of copper or silver on a Monday after having a bath and wearing clean and fresh clothes.
Yantra for All Round Prosperity and Wealth

2] The Yantra should be placed on a Wooden Board and bathed in milk and then Gomutra or Cow Urine should be sprinkled on the Yantra.

3] Then, the practitioner should place his Anamika or ring finger on the number 6 of the Yantra and chant the Mantra given below 108 times.

ॐ नमः शिवाय ||

Om Namah Shivaya ||

4] Then, he should place his ring finger on the number 1 and chant the Shri Krishna Mantra given below 108 times.

ॐ नमो भगवते वसुदेवाय ||

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya ||

5] Then, he should place his ring finger on the number 9 and chant the Mantra given below 108 times.

ॐ नमो नवनाथाय ||

Om Namo Navnaathaaya ||

6] There is no specific Mantra recommended for the number 8.

7] The, Yantra should be offered sandalwood paste, flowers, Tulsi leaves and Bael Patra and Dhoop and a Diya of Cow Ghee should be lit in front of the Yantra and a Bhog of Mithai prepared using Milk. The practitioner should eat some portion of the Bhog and also offer it to a needy person and cow.

8] Then, the Yantra should be placed in the Puja-Ghar or a clean place in the house. The practitioner can keep a fast on Thursdays if he desires. 

Note – See the sections on Yantras and Charms for Money and Wealth and other sections of this site for more such rare and unique paranormal remedies.


  1. Respected neel sir ...can i repalce with paper

  2. Dear Neelji, I often read on your site about mantras from namavalis. Names with special purposes. My question is can I choose 1 name from each namavali and chant it? Does this also apply to Mahavidya's namavalis?

    1. The  original source of namavali is naamstotra (ashtottarshat=108/shat=100/sahasra=1000). The stotra are in the form of shlokas, which are not accessible to everyone. It is easy to read each name in the form of namavali ., "ॐ" is applied before every name and "Namah" after the name. In Hindi we say - Ram ko(to Ram रामं )  Namaskar, but in Sanskrit it is said - Ram ke liye(forRamaरामाय) Namaskar. There will be Lakshmim in Hindi, but it will be Lakshmyai in Sanskrit. Therefore, while selecting the namavali , see that the name should be with Om and Namah. Because every name is synonymous, it can be chanted as a mantra.

  3. Namaskar Neel sir

    SL. 1 & 8 is confused, please clarify

    Can we wear the Yantra


    Should have to keep the Yantra in Puja place



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