Paranormal Remedies for Cheating and Treachery by Friends

In this post, I have written about 2 simple and easy to practice paranormal remedies for stopping or exposing treachery, disloyalty, dishonest, cheating and back stabbing by a friend. These paranormal remedies are variations of the Tone and Totke from the Lal Kitab.

Paranormal Remedy to stop being cheated by a friend and purifying the mind of the friend 

1] The person who is being cheated by his friend should practice this remedy by sitting on the bank of any water body, like the sea, river, lake, canal or even a pond or well and throw 21 small pea sized balls of wheat dough or Gehun Ka Atta into the water.

2] While throwing each ball of the wheat dough into the water, the practitioner should say that the impurity should be removed from the mind of his friend and the friend should remain faithful towards him and never cheat him again.

3] This simple Totka should be practiced with self confidence and intensity for 5 days continuously for it to be effective.

Tone and Totke for Cheating and Treachery by Friends

Paranormal Remedy for exposing friends who are cheating the practitioner

1] The practitioner has to pick up some mud from the spot where the footprints of left foot of the friend are visible and bring it home.

2] Then, he should keep that mud in small Mitta Ka Matka or a small pot of clay and pour some oil into that Matka.

3] Then on a Saturday, the practitioner should take that Matka to an isolated and lonely place and then bury it in the ground. Just before burying the Matka into the ground, the practitioner should make a small hole at the bottom of the Matka, so that the oil inside the Matka seeps into the ground.

4] As per the Tantra, as the oil keeps trickling into the ground, the cheating and treachery of the friend will be exposed.

Notes- Even though, the end results of practicing both these paranormal remedies is somewhat different, the practitioner can practice any one or both these remedies to stop being cheated by his friend.

These simple but most effective remedies can also be practiced on a husband-wife, family member,  lover or a business partner, in order to stop being cheated by them.

All kinds of paranormal remedies can be seen in the various sections of this site, including those sections on Tone, Totke and Upay from the Lal Kitab and Paranormal Remedies for All Purposes


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