Lal Kitab Remedy for Severe Problems and Obstacles

A Totka or paranormal remedy from the Lal Kitab to overcome severe problems and obstacles, including diseases, loss of wealth and money, court cases and disputes related to property, being a victim cheating and fraud has been described in this post.

This is a simple Totka that has been attributed with the powers of resolving any kind of severe problem, including those that have been described above.

The Vidhi of method of performing this Lal Kitab Totka has been given below.

Tone and Totke from the Lal Kitab

A] This Totka can be practiced on any day by collecting the items mentioned below on a piece of cloth and making a bundle.

1] Gud – Jaggery
2] Tamba – Copper
3] Sahad – Honey
4] Lal Moonga – Red Coral Stone
4] Khaand – Organic Sugar
5] Any weapon, including a small knife
6] Chawal – Rice Grains
7] A piece of Silver
8] Water

The Honey and Water can be put inside small utensils or container.

The practitioner can use a small piece of silver and red coral stone depending upon his or her financial condition.

Any colored cloth, including a red or white colored cloth can be used to practice this Totka.

B] Then, this bundle should be placed inside a closed or empty room inside the ancestral house of the practitioner.

C] Even though, there is no form of worship prescribed for practicing this Totka from the Lal Kitab, the practitioner can chant a small prayer dedicated to his or her Pitra or ancestors, seeking their help and blessings in order to overcome the problems being faced by him.

As per the writings of the mystical Lal Kitab, practicing this simple and easy to perform paranormal remedy using commonly available items gives relief to the practitioner.

Note- Totke, Totke and Upay from the Lal Kitab for most problems, including astrological ones can be seen in the section on Remedies from the Lal Kitab and some other sections of this site. 


  1. What if one doesn't have an ancestral home?

  2. Sir, I and my wife are into 3 court cases, our son is taking medicine for neuro disorder for last 7 years, some confusion is on part of govt authorities regarding transfer of my ancestral property in my name.
    1) Due to all the above mentioned disturbances, will this remedy done only by me ( head of family)will be effective for whole family problems.?
    2) for water and honey, should I take two small steel containers( dibbis) ?
    3) for how long this remedy works as Gur and khaand will be deformed after few weeks, and my problems are of long duration ?
    4) is the bundle is to be made by tying knot?

  3. चर्चित लाल किताब मूल रूप से श्री गिरिधारी लाल शर्मा द्वारा उर्दू भाषा में लिखी गई थी .जन साधारण का ध्यान रखते हुए कम खर्च में सरल उपाय
    बताये गए,जो टोटकों के रूप में प्रचलित हो गए .लाल किताब के लेखक ने कुछ आचार संहिता ,धर्म,व्यावहारिक पक्ष ,सदाचरण ,जीवन के मूलभूत आदर्शों को ध्यान में रखते हुए ,सामाजिक मर्यादाओं का पालन करते हुए उपाय सुझाये ,जिन्हे आम नागरिक ने हृदय से स्वीकारा .भारतीय ज्योतिष के बारह राशि और नौ ग्रहों की प्रधानता को स्वीकार कर मांगलिक दोष ,रोग ,ऋणमुक्ति ,संतान सुख ,भवन सुख ,आयु निर्णय आदि पर विशेष उपाय लिखे गए हैं .ग्रह दोष निवारण ,ग्रहों से होने वाले रोग के लिए तुरंत प्रभावी उपाय सुझाये गए हैं .
    (पंजाबी पुस्तक भण्डार द्वारा प्रकाशित पुस्तक के आधार पर )

  4. Sir, few days back I sought your help and also got it from you regarding SUTAK precaution during Sadhna 'most powerful mantra for success', as I was into this Sadhna. I have 10 more days to complete the Sadhna out of total 41 days ( as of today).

    URGENT SOLUTION SOUGHT BY 10.00 pm today

    My first cousin has expired today. I had to visit her home. Tomorrow is cremation and on Saturday Uthala will be there.
    In the given circumstances, should I discontinue the Sadhna for 3 days ( today, tomorrow and Saturday) or more ?
    PLEASE REPLY BY TODAY EVENING , Sir, as fruit/result of my whole Sadhna depends on your VALUABLE ADVICE

  5. Neil z duniya k problems ke solution aap post kar tey ho par mere problm ka ilaaz viz siflee and voddo blk mgk ka kadak TOD aaj tak nahi battaaya

  6. Hello, can you please post something for getting back children custody and everyone involved becomes in my favor to give me back my children custody. My ex husband and Children department people have taken away custody from me and not letting me and my children visit each other in name of safety eventhough my children want to see me and meet me. But since they are only 6 and 7 years old my ex mother in law and ex husband and these people are teaching and telling them I do not want to see them and my children are been manipulated so they don't know anything. Please help with something I can do that court and all legal people only favor me and give me my children back with full custody. Thank you very much.


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