Paranormal Ritual to See Future Happenings

A paranormal ritual to see the events happening in the future, which has originated from the Muslim Religion has been described in this post. This future knowing ritual makes the use of a numerical Yantra or Naksha / Wazifa along with a special procedure.

However, I have to add that I have not seen or heard about anyone who has practiced this Tantra to see the future and hence, this article has only been written to give information about strange and unknown paranormal rituals.

The Vidhi or procedure given below is followed in order to practice this future knowing ritual.

1] The Yantra shown in the image has to be prepared on a Bhojpatra or white piece of paper using Ashtagandha as the ink and a small pointed wooden stick as the pen.

The Talisman / Yantra / Wazifa shown in the first image, in which the numbers are in Urdu has to be used. However, since this is a numerical Yantra, I have also given an English language version of the same Yantra.

Naksha in Urdu to see the future

Muslim Future Knowing Wazifa

2] Then, Kajal is applied on the right hand thumb of a girl or boy and then after the Kajal has dried up Sarson Ka Tel is applied over the Kajal.

Kajal is Black Kohl that is normally applied as an eyeliner and Sarson Ka Tel is Mustard Oil.

3] Then, the child is made to hold the Yantra with the thumb and first finger of the right hand.

4] The practitioner keeps gazing at the thumb of the child and after sometime he sees some images on the thumb.
He, then asks the questions about the future events, which he is seeking to visualize. As per the Tantra, he then visualizes these events on the thumb of the child.

Note- All kinds of Mantras, Yantras, Talismans and Rituals for visualizing or dreaming about the past, present and future can be seen in the section on Future Knowing Mantras and Tantra


  1. sir sirf thum aur first finger mai pakadna hai na yantra fir dekhna hai na usmai ...thum pe to yantra ko dekhne ke bad yantra chodna hai kya sir

    1. You have to look at the thumb and hold the yantra as described in the post.

    2. thanku sir ...sir on mor confusion jis hat ke rhum pe kajal laga hai usi hat ka thum.aur finger hai na.....

  2. Dear Neel Sir,

    What about Shreem Brzee Mantra, it is effective or just fake ?

    Pradip Rajput

    1. It is said to be a very powerful and effective mantra and definately not a fake because many people practice it all over the world.

  3. A Muslim tantric in my state was using similar technique. He could tell the past and the present by gazing at child's nail applying mustard oil.

    I want to practice this but want to know if there is any harm in practicing this as this is a future knowing yantra. I want to know the past and present not the future.

    1. It can be be the same Tantra that he is practicing, you can always ask questions about the past and present and wait to see if you can visulize it on your thumb.

    2. Will there be any bad consequences of using it?

  4. Sir , is it necessary that the kajal should be applied on a child's thumb only? Can't we do it on any adult person's finger? Kindly clear this doubt, please


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