Talisman to Make Enemy Unconscious

A numerical talisman that is said to make an enemy or any other person faint and fall down unconscious has been described by in this post. This talisman is a Yantra from the Shartu Nashak Tantra that vibrates to the number 25.

There are many such Yantras that are used to cause all kinds of problems for enemies or rivals and competitors and some of these are very dangerous and life-threatening and hence, utmost care should be taken while using these Shatru Nashak Yantras.

This Yantra is also a Tamas Guni or Fearsome Yantra and it should not be used because it can also make any other person apart from the enemy unconscious.

The Vidhi or procedure of making and using this talisman has been given below.

1] The Yantra shown in the image should be prepared on a white colored piece of cloth using a black colored pen and then buried in front of the house of the enemy.

2] As per the Tantra, when the enemy puts his foot over the spot under which the Yantra has been buried he will fall unconscious.

This is a standalone numerical talisman and hence, it can be practiced on any day and it is independent of any kind of worship or ritual and only the method described above in this post is applicable for using this deadly talisman.

As mentioned above in this post, this Yantra should never be used because it is said to possess the capacity to cause harm to any other person who steps over the spot under which the Yantra has been burred.

Notes- A wide and diverse selection of Mantras, Yantras, Spells and Talismans for enemy problems can be seen in the sections on Yantras for All Purposes and Mantra and Tantra for Enemies.

The Hindi language video of this Shatru Nashak Tantra to make an enemy or any other person unconscious can be seen on our YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Op2IiuyU4is


  1. Today people are living in high storeyed flats with CCTV's and security cover. How can this Yantra be buried in this condition?

  2. What if the person lives in another country, how will that work?


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