Paranormal Remedies Using Parts of Ashoka Tree

In this post, I have described some rare and interesting paranormal remedies or Upay that can be practiced by performing certain rituals using the different parts of the Ashoka Tree; botanical name: Saraca asoca and commonly called Sorrowless or Handkerchief Tree.

The Ashoka Tree is believed to possess very strong magical properties,, and hence the parts of this tree are extensively used in many Tantrik Rituals.

It also possesses certain specific medicinal properties and hence, the parts of this tree are used in the preparation of traditional Indian medicine, like Ayurveda.

Over the past many years, I have already written about some unique and powerful paranormal remedies, including Mantra Remedies that are practiced using the various parts of the Ashoka Tree.

The paranormal remedies given in this post are also simple and easy to practice and can be practiced by any person without difficulty. 

Paranormal Remedies Using Parts of Ashoka Tree

Paranormal Remedy for Removing Sadness:
Keeping a portion of the root of the Ashoka Tree in the home removes sorrow and sadness from the home.

Paranormal Remedy for Gain of Success:
Keeping a few leaves of the Ashoka Tree in the headgear, like a turban or hat, gets the desired success in any task or job, or ensures quick completion of the task or work. 

Paranormal Remedy for Appeasing the Mother Goddess:
Offering Jal or Water to the Ashoka Tree daily in the morning is considered to be a powerful remedy in gaining the blessings of Devi Mata.

Paranormal Remedy for Wealth and Prosperity:
1] Keeping 11 seeds of the Ashoka Tree in a Silver Locket and wearing it as a Charm around the neck gives money and all kinds of prosperity. This remedy should be practiced during the specific period of the Pushya Nakshatra [Delta Cancri].

2] Keeping a portion of the root of the Ashoka Tree in the Puja Ghar or any clean place in the house and offering it Dhoop and Diya every day attracts money and wealth.

3] Keeping a portion of the root on the body also gives the same results in attracting money and prosperity.

Paranormal Remedy for Removing Tension:
Chewing 11 leaves of the Ashoka Tree in the morning gives relief from all kinds of stress, tension, and worries.

Paranormal Remedy for Gain of Siddhi in any Mantra Sadhana:
Writing any Mantra of Devi Mata on a piece of paper using a writing instrument made from the Wood of the Ashoka Tree give quicker success in Gaining Siddhi or Mastery over any Mantra. 

Paranormal Remedy for Relief in Diseases specific to Women:
Boiling the bark of the Ashoka Tree in water and then filtering the water and drinking it gives relief from women-specific diseases and disorders, including those related to the Monthly Cycle. This remedy should be practiced for 41 days. 

Apart from the remedies given in this post, there are many more paranormal remedies that can be practiced using the various parts of the Ashoka Tree, However, I have only described the more practical ones.

Notes - You can see all kinds of paranormal remedies in the various sections of this site.


  1. अशोक का अर्थ होता है -शोक रहित। इस पोस्ट में वर्णित जानकारी अशोक वृक्ष से सम्बंधित है। इस वृक्ष की पत्तियाँ लहरदार और सुन्दर होती हैं और विशेषकर बंदनवार बाँधने में काम आती हैं। मौर्य वंश के एक यशश्वी सम्राट का नाम भी अशोक था। अशोक वृक्ष का फूल कामदेव के पांच शरों में से एक माना जाता है। पारा ,पारद को भी अशोक कहते हैं। चैत माह की कृष्ण अष्टमी को अशोकाष्टमी एवं शुक्ल पक्ष की षष्ठी को अशोक षष्ठी कहते हैं। फाल्गुन माह की पूर्णिमा को अशोक पूर्णिमा भी कहते हैं। अशोक वृक्षों की बाड़ी को अशोक वाटिका कहा जाता है। वह बगीचा जहां रावण ने सीता को कैद कर रखा था ,अशोक वाटिका ही थी। अशोक वृक्ष पर उगे बांदे को उत्तराषाढ़ा नक्षत्र में तावीज के रूप में बाँधने से अदृश्यीकरण की क्षमता आती है। अशोक वृक्ष के नीचे नटी यक्षिणी के मन्त्र "ॐ ह्रीं क्रीं नटि महानटि रूपवति स्वाहा "का एक माह तक
    रोज एक सहस्र जप करने से नटी यक्षिणी सिद्ध होती है।

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