Spell to open a Lock Without Key

A spell to open a lock without being in the possession of a key has been described by me in this post. This is a European Spell, which is contained in the Book of Forbidden Knowledge, which is a text on Occult and Voodoo Spells, Charms, Talismans and Incantations.

The spell appears to be very simple at first sight, however, there is most certainly a “secret key” or an Incantation, which has purposely been omitted in the text so as to avoid the misuse of this most dangerous spell.

This experiment is performed thus – A green colored frog has to be caught and killed and then kept exposed in the Sun for a period of three days.

After this, the frog has to be grounded to prepare a fine paste or powder.

The text says that if this powder is inserted inside the lock, the lock will open without a key.

Note- Some time back, I had written about an Indian Occult Experiment, which also made the use of a powder to open locks. A Tantric ritual had to be conducted in a graveyard to make that magical lock opening powder work. That post can be seen here – Magic Powder to Open Locks

It is most certain that European Witches conducted a specific Voodoo Ritual using this ingredient to turn it into a magical powder.  


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