Health Remedies using Gorochana

Apart from its wide and diverse paranormal uses, the Tantric substance Gorochana is also believed to possess strong healing powers. In this, post, I have written about some of the simpler home remedies, which are practiced in India, using Gorochana for increasing vitality, getting relief from fits and seizures and making the skin beautiful.

For increasing strength and stamina
A simple health and energy increasing paste [Shaktivardhak Churna], which is said to increase physical powers, stamina, strength and sexual-prowess makes the use of the famous Tantrik substance Gorochana. This Shaktivardhak Churna is prescribed by some Tantriks and traditional Indian Healers to weak and depleted persons have low energy levels and vitality.

As Gorochana also called Go-Pitta or Cow Bezoar is said to possess strong magical powers, this strength increasing mixture is said to give very positive results if the paste is prepared on Tuesday and the treatment begins on the same day.

4 Badam[almonds] and Gorochana, which is equal in weight to about 4 Grains of Jowar[sorghum] have to be grounded together in Milk to prepare a fine paste.

This Gorochana-Badam paste should be consumed in the morning for at least 21 days to get noticeable results in improving health and vitality.

For getting relief from fits and seizures
Gorachana is also used to treat persons sufferings fits and seizures, including epileptic seizures.

A paste should be prepared by mixing 2 grams Gorochana in Gulab Jal [rose water]. This paste is given to the person suffering from fits and seizure as medicine 3 times a day for a period of 3 days.

This experiment has to be started on any Tuesday or Sunday for it to be most beneficial in giving relief to the patient.

For making the skin healthy and beautiful
Gorochana is also said to be very effective in making the complexion clean and spotless and improving the texture of the skin and making it glow.

Gorochana paste is used like a herbal beauty powder by mixing it in either milk or water and applying it on the face or other parts of the body to beautify the skin.

For Attractive Appearance or Vashikaaran 
This experiment has to be started during the specific period of the Ravi Pushya Yoga.  After having a bath, a Tilak of Gorochana Paste has to be applied upon the forehead. This will make the practitioner appear attractive to everyone he comes across during the course of the day.

Note- This post is written for the sake of giving information and knowledge about traditional Indian healing practises and not to advocate the use of the home remedies described in this post.


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