Mantra for Relief from Panic Attacks

This is a Sarva Bhaya Nashak Mantra or a Mantra to destroy and get relief from all kinds of Fears. The Mantra is also most beneficial in giving relief to people suffering from panic disorders, including those panic attacks, which occur without any reason.

The Mantra, which is simple to chant for anyone, including laypersons,  should be chanted whenever the practitioner is experiencing fear or is under stress and anticipating a panic attack and feel as if he is loosing control.

ऐं ह्रीं सर्वभय विद्रावणि भयायैः नमः ||
Aim Hreem Sarvabhaya Vidraavani Bhayaayaiah Namah ||

There is no Siddhi Sadhana or any type of initiation or ritual process involved for Mastering and using this Healing Mantra Chant. Any person can immediately start using the Mantra whenever the need is felt.

The Mantra can be chanted until relief is experienced and the fear or panic attack disappears, there is no need to chant the Mantra for a fixed number of Mantra Chants or follow any kind of specific method or rules.

If experiencing severe palpitations or breathlessness or shivering due to uncontrollable fear and not in a position to chant the Mantra, the practitioner can if possible try to mentally chant or simply think about the Mantra. This is also effective in making the fear subside.


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