Tantra for Consuming Large Quantity of Food

In this post, I will describe an interesting Tantric, which is said to increase the appetite of the practitioner to such an extent that he is capable of consuming large amounts of food, which is sufficient for many persons.

Even though, I have not been a witness to this paranormal experiment, I will still write about it because it sounds interesting.

The 3 steps given below should be followed for practicing this experiment.

1] On a Saturday evening, the practitioner has to visit a Baheda tree-बहेड़ा का वृक्ष, whose Botanical name is -Terminalia Bellirica and worship the tree and invite it. This is called Nyota or Nimantram in Hindi and is a process by which a tree or herb is invited to take part in any Tantric ritual. This is so because of the belief that intelligent life exists even in plants and they have to be politely invited for any kind of participation in Tantric rituals.

2] Then, on the morning of the next day, the practitioner should visit the Baheda tree and remove a leaf of the Baheda tree and bring it back to his house.

3] Then, he should press that Baheda leaf underneath his foot before taking his meal.

This, the Tantra says increases the appetite of the practitioner and as per the Tantra, he is able to consume the food, which is sufficient for several persons.

Note- If any person tries this Tantra, then, please be kind enough to share your experiences for the benefit of others.

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  1. Sir please can you also mention mantra to reduce or suppress appetite?


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