Naqsh for Captivating Anyone under Attraction Spell

Today, I am giving a Naqsh/Yantra to captivate anyone or to do Sammohan or hypnotism of someone you love or for any other good purposes, including business purposes. This Mantra will bring them to you and make them come under your attraction spell. - Post By A Sadhak

For now, you can try this Naqsh if you wish and experience the results by yourself.

The procedure of making and using the Naqsh is given below.

1] Start on Jumma Raat that is Thursday Night.

2] Make this Naqsh on a piece of paper.

3] Do this for 5 nights.

4] Say Bismillah-Hi Rahemanir Rahim once before starting the Prayog and have a mental image and focus of the task in your mind and body.

5] After making this Naqsh wrap it in cotton and light it using a good smelling oil. The flame should be in the direction of the house of the targeted person.

Muslim Yantra for Captivating Anyone under Attraction Spell

Try this Naqsh Experiment and see the results for yourself and if your motive is right you will definitely get success in attracting the desired man or woman.

Try to follow the basic rules during Prayog like having Wazu or bath before starting, no lies no non-veg, liquor and maintain Brahmacharya if it is possible for you.

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  1. Guruji can we chant hanuman chalisa are any other hanuman mantras in night time 2 o clock or 1 o clock night

    1. रात्रिकाल में हनुमानजी से सम्बंधित मन्त्र साधना में कोई अड़चन नहीं है .हनुमान चालीसा के पाठ के बजाय अनुष्ठान करना चाहें ,तो इस साइट के
      3 -6 -2019 की पोस्ट Hanuman yantra for physical power and strength के comments में देख लें .

  2. Thank you very much for this amazing prayog......guruji


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