Vashikaran Upay to Get Back Estranged Lover

In this post, I have written about an Ancient Indian Occult Vashikaran Love Spell to get back the love and affection of an Estranged Lover of Husband or Wife. This Voodoo Love Spell does need the use of any Vashikaran or Mohini Mantra to make it work as intended and bind the Estranged Lover of Spouse under a powerful Love Spell.

The Procedure for Casting this Vashikaran Love Spell has been described below:

1] Take a Full Undamaged Green Leaf of any tree, a medium-sized leaf; like that of a Peepal, Banyan, or any other tree having similar-sized leaves can be used for casting this Vashikaran Love Spell.

2] The Name of the Estranged Lover or Spouse should be written on the Leaf with Sandalwood Paste. A few drops of Gangajal can be mixed with the Sandalwood Paste. If you do not live in India or Ganga Jal is unavailable in your town, you can use clean and fresh drinking water. A small pointed wooden stick can be used to write the Name on the Leaf.

Vashikaran Love Spell to Get Back Estranged Lover

3] Then, Red Rose Petals should be sprinkled on the Leaf and the Leaf along with the Red Rose Petals should be crushed to make a coarse paste. The practitioner should add a few drops of water and make small balls from this paste. The number of balls should be equal to the number of letters in the Estranged Lovers Name. For example, if the Name of the Estranged Lover is Janet, Five Balls should be prepared.

4] After making the balls, the practitioner should throw one ball every day at the front door or main entrance of the home of the Estranged Lover. According to the Vashikaran Tantra, the Estranged Lover will soon come under the Vashikaran Love Spell of the practitioner and they will be friends or lovers once again. If the practitioner is practicing this Vashikaran Upay to get back the love of an Estranged Husband or Wife, that person will return to the practitioner and start loving him or her once again.

Notes: Information about this Vashikaran Upay to Get Back the Love of an Estranged Lover has been given in this post, only to share knowledge about Rare Indian Occult Practices and Voodoo Spells and not for actual practice.

Mantra Ancient Hindu and other Indian Spells for similar purposes can be seen in the section on Vashikaran Totke and Upay and Vashikaran and Mohini Yantras.


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