Powerful Paper Burning Spell to Attract Love

Love Spells that involve Writing your Name and the Name of the Person you wish to attract as a lover or a friend and burning them are very popular worldwide. Many Spell Casters attempt such Occult Love Spells using various techniques to captivate the attention of the desired person. In this post, I have described another Vashikaran Yantra Experiment using the same method for casting the Love Spell.

This Vashikaran Yantra, which uses a combination of Nine Unique Numbers vibrating to a specific frequency is believed to be very potent in binding the wished-for person under a Voodoo Spell and is said to be a tried and tested Love Spell that really works. I have described various such Paper Burning Love Spells in the past, a selection can be seen in this post: Most Powerful Attraction Spells Cast By Burning Paper.

The technique for practicing this Vashikaran Love Spell has been given below:
1] The Numerical Vashikaran Yantra should be written on White Paper with Saffron Water, which can be prepared by dipping a few strands of Saffron in a couple of drops of water and mixing it to make the ink. A small pointed wooden stick should be used as the pen.

2] The names of the practitioner and the targeted person should be written on both sides of the Vashikaran Yantra in place of the words “Your Name” and “Other Person’s Name”.

Paper Burning Spell to Attract Lover

3] Then, the practitioner should roll the paper and dip it in a small metal or clay utensil containing the Oil of any Scented Flower, like Rose Oil or Jasmine Oil, and burn the paper to ash. Then, he should dispose of the ash by keeping it outside his home.

4] This Potent Love Spell should be practiced two to three times to harness the necessary cosmic vibrations that will act as a vehicle to transfer the emotions of love from the mind of the practitioner into the mind of the desired lover. This simple but effective love spell can even be cast on an unresponsive or unloving husband or wife.

5] One very important thing I have to stress upon once again is that success in making this Love Spell work will depend upon the concentration and intensity with which the Spell-Caster practices it.

Note: Love, Attraction, and Enchantment Spells using Papers or Numbers can be seen in the section Prophet666.com: Vashikaran Yantras and Charms and Magical Love Charms.


  1. You have shunya siddhi mantra? For makinv objects appear?

    1. There are similar Mantras in the Yakshini Mantras Section, but not a specific Mantra for Shunya Siddhi.

  2. Question

    When we do this
    Won't the white paper get messy ? The lines won't be straight and it will be smudged . Is that okay

    1. Questions:
      Shouldn't we use parchment paper?
      You said 2-3 times , is this within the day or within a week?

      Notes:The paper wasn't smudged as I anticipated.
      1 Yantra was used, awaiting instructions on question 2.
      Also the fire was really big and smokey which brings me back to question 1.

    2. I have described the Yantra as given in the Vashikaran Tantra, the same technique should be used.

  3. As a pure practioner , it didn't work.
    Now don't get discouraged , it just means it wasn't meant to be.
    Life has better things in store.
    Cry and move on.


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