Vashikaran Tilak Love Spells Using Kamdev Mantra

The Kamdev Vashikaran Mantra described in this post is one of the most famous and popular Vashikaran Mantras for casting all kinds of Powerful Occult Love Spells over desired men and women or all persons at the same time. In this post, I have written about Six Vashikaran Tilak Experiments using this Kamdev Mantra to bind all people, including desired ones under a very potent Voodoo Love Spell.

There are numerous methods in which this Kamdev Mantra is used to generate Magical Attraction and Hypnotic Energy for casting Love and Enchantment Spells. I have written about many of these Love Spells over many years, which can be found by doing a site search. Even chanting this Kamdev Vashikaran Mantra will increase the magnetism of the practitioner and make him appear fascinating and irresistible to everyone.

How to Gain Siddhi over the Kamdev Vashikaran Mantra: The Mantra should be chanted 1000 times continuously to get Siddhi over it and be able to practice the Six Vashikaran Upay described below. Special rules are not prescribed for the Siddhi Sadhana, but total concentration on the Mantra is necessary.

Vashikaran Tilak Love Spells Mantra

|| Om Namo Bhagavate Kaamadevaaya Yasya Yasya Drushyo Bhavaami Yasya Yasya Mama Mukham Pasyati Tam Tam Mohayatu Swaah ||

Kamdev Vashikaran Mantra Experiment One:
Take Gorochana, Hartal, and Ashwagandha Powder or Yellow Orpiment in equal quantities and mix the three of them with a small quantity of Banana Juice. Then take a pinch of this Vashikaran Mixture on the thumb of your right hand, chant the Kamdev Vashikaran Mantra 7 times to infuse the Paste with the vibrations of the Mantra, and apply a Vashikaran Tilak on your Forehead.

Kamdev Vashikaran Experiment Number Two:
Take a small portion of the root of Safed Madar or the White Variety of the Sodom Apple Plant and rub it along with White Sandalwood Powder by adding a few drops of Water to make a Vashikaran Paste. Apply the Vashikaran Paste as a Tilak on your Forehead as described in Experiment One.

Third Kamdev Vashikaran Mantra Experiment: Take a small quantity of Mansil Powder and a small tablet of Kapur or Camphor and mix them with Banana Juice to make the Vashikaran Powder. Infuse and use it as a Vashikaran Tilak as described above.

Fourth Kamdev Vashikaran Experiment: Take a few seeds of the Tulsi Plant and mix them with the Juice of Sahadevi or Little Ironweed Plant to make the paste, infuse it, and apply a Vashikaran Tilak on your forehead in the same manner described above.

Fifth Vashikaran Experiment Using Kamdev Mantra:
The Vashikaran Paste should be made using Sindoor, Gorochana, and Dhawai or Woodfordia fruticosa Flower and used as a Vashikaran Tilak as described above.

Sixth Kamdev Vashikaran Experiment:
Take the Fruit, Flower, Leaves, Bark, and Root of the Pomegranate Plant and mix them with Safed Gunja or Abrus precatorius Plant and make a Vashikaran and infuse it by taking the Paste on the thumb and chanting the Kamdev Mantra 21 times and apply it on the Forehead as a Vashikaran Tilak.

Note: Various Rare and Ancient Vashikaran Mantras and Love Spells can be seen in the section Attraction and Love Spells, Vashikaran Upay and Totke and Vashikaran Yantras.


  1. hi sir. i have a question. Which mantra can be listened to find a person with certain characteristics. There is no special person to get, and I only care about the features. For example, it is important for me that he is attractive and his job is an actor. I would love to marry an actor. May divine find that person and bring him into my life. Which mantra should I listen to?

    1. You can pray to the Universe to fulfil your wishes.


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