Good Luck Yantra for Fast Success in Anything

In this post, I have written about two very beneficial and fast-working Success Yantras for achieving success in anything, including the fulfillment of cherished wishes. These are Powerful Occult Success Charms that will be effective in making the dreams and ambitions of the practitioner turn true.

1] Vashikaran Yantra for Success in Everything:
This is a Success Getting Vashikaran Yantra, which works like a Good Luck Charm by bringing all men and women under the influence of the practitioner and getting him success in whatever he does by getting the co-operation of others.

The Three Words given below should be written on a white piece of paper put inside a copper locket and worn around the neck to make it work. Only the Hindi words should be written on the piece of paper, the English translation of these words has only been given for the benefit of readers.

Hindu Success Yantra

असमा अलसा जलसा
Aasmaa Aalsaa Jalsaa

2] 15 Ka Success Yantra: This is a very potent Success Yantra that gives success in any work or task. The Pandrah Ka Yantra should be drawn on white paper with a paste of Red Sandalwood or Rakta Chandan Powder. The pointed end of a Peacock Feather should be used to draw the Yantra.

Pandrah Ka Good Luck Yantra

After drawing the Yantra, it should be kept by the practitioner in his pocket or purse. It can be laminated to keep it safe from being soiled or damaged. If that happens, the Yantra should be immersed in water and another Yantra should be prepared and used.

Worship and Energizing these Success Yantras: Even though it is not compulsory, the practitioner can light incense and an oil lamp in front of the Yantra and pray to his Favorite Deity and seek his or her blessings.

Note: Readers can see many such Yantras and Charms for Success and Attraction of other people in the sections Vashikaran and Mohini Yantras, Yantras for Money and Wealth, and Charms and Talismans.


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