Goddess Kamakhya Mantra for Peace and Divine Protection

In this post, I wrote about a Mantra Ritual for Peace and Divine Protection. This Mantra is dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya Devi who is a Form of Goddess Sati the Shakti of Lord Shiva.

This Most Powerful Mantra Sadhana and the accompanying ritual using the Mantra gives everlasting peace of mind, satisfaction happiness, and divine protection to the practitioner who can also help other people get peace and protection.

The Method of Mastering this Kamakshya Devi Peace and Protection Mantra: The Mantra Sadhana should be practiced on a Purnima or Full Moon Day on the banks of a water body, like a river, canal, or lake. The practitioner should sit down facing the East Direction, mentally visualize Goddess Kamakhya Devi, and chant the Shanti Mantra given below 1000 times.

Goddess Kamakhya Mantra for Divine Protection

|| ओम् शं शां शीं शुं शूं श्रः श्रुः शें शैं शों शौं शं शः स्वं स्व: स्वाहा | ओम् नमः कामाक्षाय ह्रीं क्रीं श्रीं फट् स्वाहा।
|| Aum Sham Shaam Sheem Shum Shoom Shruah Shem Shaim Shom Shoum Sham Shah Svam Svah Swaha | Aum Namah Kamakshaya Hreem Kreem Shreem Phat Swah ||

The Mantra Sadhana should be done continuously without any interruptions or distractions. After completing the Mantra Chanting, the practitioner should bathe in the water body take some water in a Copper Kalash, and put a small portion of the root of either the Peepal or Sacred Fig Tree or the Tulsi of Holy Basil Plant in the Kalash.

This procedure will enable the practitioner to get Siddhi over the Shanti Mantra and he will be able to use its power to get peace for himself or use its powers for the benefit of other persons.

The Procedure of Using the Power of the Goddess Kamakhya Mantra to Get Peace and Divine Protection: The practitioner should take a stick of the Palash or Butea monosperma Tree, which is about 8 inches long, and keep it in front of himself and bind it with the powers of the Goddess Kamakhya Mantra by gazing at the stick and chanting the Mantra 1000 times.

Keeping this Goddess Kamakhya Mantra-infused stick in the home will give divine protection and peace to that house. As mentioned above the practitioner can use the Mantra for bringing peace for himself and others.

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