Lakshmi Prapti Mantra of Kamakhya

In this post, I have written about a Lakshmi Prapti Mantra dedicated to the Goddess Kamakhya, which is also useful in getting rid of all worries and problems faced by the practitioner. The Goddess Kamakhya is a very important Tantric Goddess and is often worshiped for the fulfillment of wishes and desires.

The Goddess Kamakhya is said to be a form of the Divine Mother Sati and most Hindu Pauranic Texts state that the famous temple of Kamakhya, which is one one of the 51 Shakti Peeth and is said to stand on the spot on which the reproductive organs or Yoni khanda of the Divine Mother fell on the earth.

 Mantra of Goddess Kamakhya to get wealth and money

Out of these 51 Shakti Peeth, the Mandir of Kamakhya is said to be one of the main 18 Maha Shaki Peeth,

Some other Hindu Pauranic Scriptures identify the Mandir of Kamakhya as being one of the 4 major Shakti Peeth.

Kamakhya Devi is said to symbolize the full force and power of feminine Shakti or the power to create and reproduce.

The Goddess Kamakhya is as mentioned above one of the most powerful and effective Tantric Deities and various Mantras and Tantras of the Goddess are practiced in all kinds of Tantric Rituals, including those related to Black Magic, Maran Jaran and Vashikaran.

Some of the most powerful Mantras to exorcise ghosts, spirits and demons and also to destroy or repel Jadu-Tona are also dedicated to Kamahkya Devi.

The Mantra given below, which invokes the Goddess Kamakhya to bless the chanter with wealth, abundance and prosperity of all kinds and remove worries and miseries, is a most powerful Tantric Mantra.

ॐ नमो भगवते विश्वरूपाय कामाख्याय सर्व चिंतितं प्रदाय मम लक्ष्मी प्राप्त कराय स्वाहा ||
Om Namo Bhagavate Vishwaroopaya Kaamaakhyaaya Sarva Chintitam Pradaaya Mam Lakshmi Prapt Karaaya Swaha ||

Even though, the Mantra appears to be simple to understand and chant it is most likely that some secret Tantric Rituals are associated with the Mantra.

If anyone has information about these special rituals, then he should share his knowledge in the comments box or if it is lengthy, then he can send it through the contact form.

Notes- The word “Lakshmi” in the context of this Mantra means wealth, money, prosperity and abundance of all kinds.

These aare some other articles of Mantras and other rituals associated with Kamakhya Devi, which have been published earlier and can be seen by browsing the various sections of this site.


  1. Plz send details about kamakhya laxmi mantra

  2. Dear Sir,
    Please guide me how to chant and is there any procedure and rule while chanting the mantra.

  3. Moola mantra of kamakya godess is
    Om treem treem treem hum hum streem treem kamakye prasiddare streem streem hum hum treem treem treem swaha


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