Gomutra Remedy to Cure Addictions

In this post, I have described a traditional Indian Paranormal Remedy or Totka, which makes the use of Gomutra or Cow Urine to cure addictions, including alcohol, drug and other serious addictions. This is simple paranormal remedy that does not need and kind of Mantra Chanting or Puja-Vidhi.

Gomutra is considered to be sacred by many devote Hindus and hence, it is widely used by Hindus to purify their homes of bad, evil and harmful energies and vibrations. It is also used as a medicine to treat and cure a wide range of diseases and ailments, especially in Ayurveda and other traditional Indian Healing Therapies.

Cow Urine Remedy to Cure Addictions

Gomutra Sevan or Cow Urine Therapy has become a much followed branch of traditional Indian medicine and its followers claim the miraculous results are obtained in curing many serious and chronic diseases.

This Totka can be practiced by followers of Indian Tone, Totke and Upay by following the simple steps given below.

1] The Totka has to be practiced for 40 days and it can be started on any day, there is no need to wait for any auspicious occasion, in order to start the Totka.

2] The practitioner has to give a piece of Gud or Jaggery and a Roti to a cow to eat in the evening,

3],Then, he has to consume 5 to 10 grams of Gomutra, this has to be done in the evening, after feeding the cow.

4] The same routine should be followed for all the 40 days on which this Totka has to be practiced.

As per the Tantra, practicing this simple remedy will cure the practitioner of his addictions and he will not feel like consuming the addictive substance again.

Note- Many other simple paranormal remedies for liquor and drug addictions can be seen in the Paranormal Remedies Sections of this site.


  1. Dear Neel ji,
    Can this be used for anxiety and Ocd issues

    1. These are not addictions, yot should search for specific remedies for these disorders.

  2. This is a good site. My partner just got a job a few weeks (two weeks) after making "the job interview" Yantra. He was without a job for eight months.


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