Simple and Extreme Mantra Prayog for Success

Hello readers,  today I will share with you all a very rare and never been published or seen Teevra Laghu or Simple and Extreme Mantra Prayog which is extremely effective and powerful in removing problems or to get success in any desired work or task. Post By Guru Swami

Those people who are facing obstacles in their ventures or undertaken work or in business should perform this Mantra Prayog

Hindu Success Mantras

The procedure of practicing this Mantra Prayog is given below.

1) Start from Tuesday or Friday after 10 pm in the night.

2) The Sadhak should face the South Direction, while practicing this Mantra Prayog.

3) Red colored clothes and Red Aasan should be used for the Prayog.

4) The Sadhak should write the Mantra on Bhojpatra with Kumkum.

5) Then, he should chant 15 Mala of the Mantra daily for 11 days and only use a Black Hakik Mala to count the number of Mantra Chants.

On a red cloth establish the Bhojpatra and do Panchopchar Pujan of the Bhojpatra.

Take a Sankalp (very necessary) and do Guru Dhyan and Ganesh ji Dhyan.

During the Sadhana days consume Satvik food and maintain a Satvik lifestyle and rules.

After the Sadhana, perform 108 Ahuti using kali Mirch and Pure Ghee.

Aing gloum tham tham tham hum swaha ||
ऐं ग्लाैं ठं ठं ठं हुं स्वाहा ||

Some points to note-
The Mala should be a fully Pran Pratishthit Black Hakik Counting Rosary.

Rules and Sankalp are very necessary for this Mantra Sadhana.


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