Simple Way to Perform Lakshmi Pujan at Home

Lakshmi Pujan, considered to be the most auspicious Tithi of the festival of Diwali falls today on the day of Ashwin Amavasya. The Lakshmi Pujan Muhurat as per Mumbai timings is from 6.30pm to 8.30 pm. The entire period between 4.35 pm to 10.45 pm is considered to most auspicious for the worship of Lakshmi Mata.

The Sanchar of Lakshmi Mata is considered to be at its peak, Sanchar in the context of this article can be taken to be the spread or effects. This is the day of the Hindu Calendar year, which is believed to be most potent for the worship of the Goddess of Wealth and to seek her blessings for getting the monetary and material resources that are essential to lead a trouble free life.

Simple Way to Perform Lakshmi Pujan at Home for Laypersons

It is not mandatory to perform lengthy and complicated rituals on the day of Lakshmi Pujan. Lay-persons can take the following points into considered if they wish to perform Lakshmi Pujan at home.

1] Get up early in the morning and have a full body bath and then wear clean cloth. You can also have a Abhyanga Snana by using Ubtan and Scented Bath Oils, most people also use Chandan or Sandalwood Soap along with Ubtan and Scented Bath Oils.

The main purpose of Abhyanga Snana is to be fresh, clean and hygienic on the day of Lakshmi Pujan because these are the qualities, which are most dear to Lakshmi Mata,

2] The house should also be kept clean, neat and tidy on Lakshmi Pujan.

3] You can perform Lakshmi Pujan during the Muhurat by first worshiping Lord Ganesha with faith and sincerity and praying to him to remove all obstacles. worries and problems that are troubling you. If you wish you can chant any preferred Mantra of Ganesha 7 or 11 times. Ganesh Mantras can be seen here – The worship and Mantras of Lord Ganesha 

4] Then, place some of your gold or silver jewelry or coins and some currency notes before an idol or photograph of Lakshmi Mata.

5] Then, light a Diya of Pure Ghee, Agarbatti and offer fresh and scented flowers to Lakshmi Mata and Ganesha.

4] Then, offer a Prasad of lahya or Puffed Rice Flakes and Batasha or Indian Rock Candy, if these ingredients are not available in your country, then you can offer sweets.

5} Then, if you wish, you can chant any preferred Lakshmi Mantra 7 or 11 times. A wide range of Mantras and Prayers dedicated to Lakshmi Mata can be seen here- Mantras and Prarthanas of Lakshmi Mata

6] Then, you can recite Aartis of Lakshmi and Ganesha. Selection of Aartis can be seen here – Aartis of Hindu Gods and Goddesses 

Apart for the simple Lakshmi Pujan ritual given above, you should try to maintain as much positivity on this day, refrain from gossip, cursing and criticizing other people and avoid non-vegetarian food stuff.

If you do not know any Mantras or Aartis, you can still perform Lakshmi Pujan at home by following the other simple steps that have been given in this post.


  1. Is it okay to perform a small Laxmi sadhana after midnight?

    1. On Diwali during the specified time, and after Diwali, evening is the best time for Lakshmi Sadhana.


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