Most Powerful Amal Having Many Benefits

In Kaliyug,  Shabar and Sulemani Tantra is believed to be the most effective and fast working Tantra. Hence, I am sharing a very rare and powerful Amal having many benefits, which can be practiced by anyone. Post By Guru Swami.

There are numerous and countless benefits of this Amal which can be experienced only after doing this Prayog.

Amal Wazifa Dua

The main benefits of this Amal are described below.
1] Will increase beauty, tej, glow, luster and make the skin radiant.

2] Will cure skin and other diseases along and your body will start healing quickly.

4] Very effective for low self confidence and self esteem

5] Will give you Yash kirti i.e. Maan Samman and respect in society.

There are also many more notable benefits of practicing this Amal Prayog.

The very simple method of practicing this Amal is given below for the benefit of those who want to practice it.

1] Start the Amal Prayog from any Thursday or Sunday.

2] You have to practice it at the time of sunrise facing east direction.

3] Take one glass of water in your hand and chant bismillah rehmano rahim (बिस्मिल्ला रहमानो रहीम) 5 times and then chant the Amal, given below 41 times in order to infuse the glass of water with the power of the Amal and then drink the water.

Ya aftab kar karimo ham sharir baa-hak balay Ali hukm dafa ho ja
या आफ़ताब कर करीमो हम शरीर बाहक़ बलाऐ अली हुक्म दफ़ा हो जा

4] Do this for 41 days.

Chant this Amal for 41 days and you will see miracles in your life, It is an 111% working Amal for getting the benefits mentioned above.

To get more benefits like this and to increase the effect of this Amal manifold times use ALI MURTAZA NAKSH

Regarding the ALI MURTAZA NAKSH you can get it from a reputed Amil or Hakim but contact before getting it from them on

Post By:  Guru Swami, You can ask your queries in the comments box,  if you wish to know 2-3 important points of infusion procedure of this Naksh as this Naksh is prepared using some special item on a special Nakshatra on your name and Rashi after studying the position of the stars.

It is a very powerful Naksh and this information is available nowhere on internet of in books.



    1. Yes absolutely
      All tantra and sadhnas are originated from sadashiv

    2. Hi, can I do this amal 7days instead of 41 days? Or you can post more effective Muslim dua?

  2. Is this amal also possible for gays?

    1. Sexuality doesn't matter. Gays/lesbians are humans too. So, it can be practiced by anyone.

    2. You can do that anyone can do this
      The benefits are mentioned

  3. how about for ladies .....during monthly cycle also can we do this amal?

  4. Thank you very much gurruji for this post...god bless you

  5. can we chant this mantra during monthly cycle or do we hv to skip 5 days n continue chanting??

    1. Better to skip
      U can do it daily skipping those days

  6. Sir what are the side effects of this prayog.

    1. People getting attracted by your glow change in personality so unable to recognize old u etc

  7. Guruji,
    1) Is this only one time Sadhana for 41 days?
    2) How long the benefits will stay with the shadak, after completion of sadhana?
    3) Should we continue this sadhana, even after 41 days, as daily ritual without counting the days?

    4) Also, should we go outdoors and face sun, while receting the sadhana. Or can we do it indoors facing east direction.

    Kindly reply. Thank you very much for this post.

  8. Though its a one time sadhna continue it daily in the way after 41 days take a week break and then do it for 41 days

    Better to face sun in open environment

  9. What in case if it is not possible to perform the Amal while facing the sun,what is the alternate

  10. Performing sadhana during sunrise means binding water with sun energy n mantra there will be no other alternative

  11. Do we have to consume that water ?? Did it also benefits in job & marriage ??
    Please reply !

  12. Dear Sir
    I send you a email but I never got the respond back. I wanted to know if I can not find Ali Murtaza Naksh can I still do this prayog.

    1. Un send emails cannot get a reply well as stated u can do the prayog the naksh is for increasing the effect manifold times and for other benefits

    2. Then, what is the exact purpose of giving the email id, if you are not going to reply.

    3. Do surya chakshur stotra to get better eyesight
      The purpose of giving email id is that decent and well mannered persons can contact for their problems
      And as i have written the mails which are not been sent
      for those reply cant be given

  13. Do we have a bath before the amal prayog?

  14. Going to start from tomorrow give me ur blessings guru swamiji

  15. Guruji, I live in a flat and do not have access to sunlight and there isn't any terrace facility also. Can I still do this prayog facing east direction in my home? Thanks

  16. Guruji mantra sadhana during any avoid drinks alcohol and non veg

  17. Brahmcharya has to be followed during 41 days and Non veg is prohibited during this?

  18. Bindu Namburi has it worked for you??

  19. Salam sain
    Ek request plz ya Urdu write kro skt ho
    Can you write in Urdu or English
    Plz help me
    This is most powerful Amal
    What's app me
    Plz teacher help


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