Powerful Shiva Mantra for Unexpected Money

In this post, I have written about a small and potent Shiva Mantra to get sudden or unexpected wealth, including money, and property. This Lord Shiva Mantra can also be chanted to achieve fast success in anything or to quickly complete some work or task.

In this fast-paced world, most people do not have the patience or time to perform lengthy rituals and recite big Stotras, and Prayers and at the same time follow difficult rules and regulations. The Shiva Mantra given in this post will work very efficiently in these difficult times of Kaliyuga and the Shiv-Bhakt will experience the Divine Grace of Lord Shiva in a short time.

How to Make the Lord Shiva Mantra Work as Expected: The Mantra chanting can be commenced on any day and Monday is considered to be a better time to commence the Mantra Sadhana. The practitioner should have a bath and if a woman is going to practice the Mantra Sadhana, she should take a full body bath, and wash her hair as well.

The Shiv-Bhakt should take a Pledge by lighting incense and an oil lamp before a photograph of Lord Shiva taking a teaspoon of water in the palm of his right hand and pouring it before the photo and stating that he is going to chant the Mantra 51, 000 times is a pre-determined number of days by chanting the Mantra for a specified number of Mantra Chants every day.

Shiva Mantra for Sudden Wealth

|| ॐ शं शिवाय नमो नमः ||
|| Om Sham Shivaya Namo Namah ||

The Mantra is small and easy to chant and hence the practitioner can conclude the Mantra Sadhana in a few days. A Rudraksha Beads Chanting Rosary or a counting counter should be used to track the number of Mantra Repetitions.

Completing this Mantra Sadhana with firm faith and dedication will generate the most powerful wealth-attracting vibrations from the Universe that will increase the chances of the practitioner getting instant wealth in some or the other way, including wealth by way of inheritance, legacy, winning a lottery or jackpot, finding hidden treasures or unexpectedly clinching a business deal.

This is also an unexpected success giving Shiva Mantra as mentioned earlier. However, it is advisable to complete the Mantra Sadhana without any expectations because chanting the Mantra with expectations will reduce the concentration and focus of the practitioner.

Horseshoe Remedy for Money and Wealth Attraction: The Horseshoe is Universally acknowledged as a Most Powerful Money and Good Luck Attracting Charm everywhere in the World, be it India or the USA. A potent method of making the Horseshoe Remedy more effective is fixing the Shoe of a Black Colored Horse on the Main Door during the 9 Days of the Hindu Festival of Navratri.

If the Main Door is East Faced then the Horseshoe should be fixed on a Sunday and if it is West Faced then the Horseshoe should be fixed on a Friday.

Notes: The Hindi video of this Shiva Mantra for Sudden Wealth can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Unapekshit Dhan Aur Safalta Pane Ka Shiva Mantra

Mantras dedicated to Lord Shiva and Mantras for Wealth Attraction can be seen in the sections Prophet666.com: Mantras and Prayers of Bhagwan Shiva and Mantra for Wealth Generation.


  1. I pledged to finish in 14 days but it's 30 beads a day and I can't really do 30 , I thought I could but it takes a lot of stamina and energy from you .

    How can I pledge again without diminishing whatever was started ?


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