All People Vashikaran Remedies without Mantras

In this post, I have described the method of practicing 4 Most Powerful and Effective Sarvajan Vashikaran Totke or Remedies to Attract Everyone, which do not need the use of any Mantra, Yantra or any form of Worship to make them work. These Vashikaran Totke make the use of the parts of commonly available plants and are simple and easy to practice.

Vashikaran By Jad of Nagdon Plant
Nagdon or Naagdon, which is commonly called as the Wormwood Plant is extensively used in Ayurveda and Traditional Indian Medicine to cure some diseases and ailments. This is a small plant, which is also used as a decorative plant and is easily available.

However, many people are unaware that the Nagdon Plant is also said to possess strong paranormal properties and it is used in Vashikaran Tantra for attracting and fascinating everyone or Sarvajan Vashikaran.

The method of using the Nagdon Plant as a Sarvajan Vashikaran Object is given below.

1] This Vashikaran Prayog can be practiced on any day, there is no ritual or Puja-Vidhi involved because this is standalone Vashikaran Tantra.

2] The practitioner has to prepared small beads from the Jad or Root of the Nagdon Plant and then weave the Beads in a red colored thread and wear the Beads on the body.

3] As per the Vashikaran Tantra, wearing the Nagdon Beads on both the upper-arms, the ring finger and both the earlobes makes everyone attracted towards the practitioner.

Sarvajan Vashikaran Remedies without Mantras

Vashikaran By Reetha Ka Ped Ke Patte
The Reetha Ka Ped is called in the English language as the Indian Soapberry or Washnut Tree.  The parts of this tree are normally used for cleaning the hair, body and clothing and also for treating some diseases and ailments.

The leaves of the Reetha Ka Ped are also used in the preparation of a Sarvajan Vashikaran Tilak. This Vashikaran Tilak can be prepared by drying the leaves of the Reetha Ka Ped and then burning them to ash.

A few drops of water are added to a little bit of this ash to make a fine paste, which is applied on the forehead as a Sarvajan Vashikaran Tilak.

This is also a standalone Vashikaran Prayog that does not need any kind of ritual or Puja-Vidhi in order to use it as a powerful Vashikaran Object.

Vashikaran By Gwarpatha Ka Jad and Bhang Tilak
The Gwarpatha Plant is called as the Aloe Vera Plant in the English language. This is common plant and is widely used in all kinds of healing remedies and beauty products.

Bhang is a mild intoxicant that is popularly used in the preparation of Thandai, which is consumed on the day of the festival of Holi in India.

To prepare the Vashikaran Tilak, the practitioner has to take equal quantities of Bhang and the Jad or Root of the Gwarpatha Plant and ground them to a fine paste by adding a few drops of water.

This paste is applied on the forehead as a Sarvajan Akarshan Tilak.

This Vashikaran Totka, like the other two Totke described in this post is also a standalone Vashikaran Remedy and there is no form of worship needed to make it work.

Vashikaran By Bilva Patra and Bijora
Bilva Patra or Bael Leaves are considered to be dear to Shiva and have always been used to worship Shiva.

Equal quantity of Bilva Patra and Bijora or Citrus Fruit are taken and fresh Goat Milk is added and a fine paste is prepared.

This paste is applied on the forehead as a Sarvajan Vashikaran Tilak. The Vashikaran Totka also does not need any kind of Puja-Vidhi.

Notes- These Vashikaran Totke can be used by both men and women because they are Sarvajan or All People Attracting Experiments. Many Special Totke for men to attract women and vice versa have been published earlier on this site and efforts will be made to publish more such useful and interesting Vashikaran Experiments in the future.

All information given in this post is as per ancient, authentic and reliable Vashikaran Texts, this site cannot guarantee the success or failure of these Vashikaran Remedies.

More Vashikaran Tone, Totke, Upay and Standalone Remedies that do not need the use of any kind of Mantra or Yantra can be seen in the section on – Vashikaran Totke


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