Tantrik Videshan Totke without Mantra

In this post, I have written about three Shatru Videshan Tantrik Totke or Voodoo Black Magic Enemy Annihilation Spells that make the uses of the body parts of a snake along with the hair of a Mongoose and the Ash of a dead person for separating enemies.

These are stand-alone Tantrik Totke that do not need the use of the chanting of any Mantra, Yantra or any form of Worship in order to cast these Enemy Destruction Voodoo Black Magic Spells on enemies, rivals, competitors or unwanted persons.

Videshan Prayog 1
The two items mentioned below have to be procured in order to cast this Voodoo Spell.

1] A portion of the Skin Shed by a Snake, which is called Kenchuli in the Hindi language.

2] A few hairs of a Mongoose.

These two items have to be burnt together in the place in which the practitioner wishes to cause Vidveshan by making the persons living in the place fight with each other.

Tantrik Videshan Totke without Mantra to separate enemies

Videshan Prayog 2
The practitioner has to procure the three items mentioned below for practicing this paranormal experiment.

1] The Jawbone of a Snake.

2] A few Hair of a Mongoose.

3] Some Ash from a Chita or the funeral pyre of a dead person.

These three items have to be mixed and burred in the place where the practitioner wants to cause Videshan by making the inmates fight among themselves.

A make an Enemy or Disliked Person Sick
As per the Enemy Destruction Tantra, if a pinch of the ash of the bones of a snake is sprinkled on the body of the enemy, the enemy will fall sick and prevent him from creating difficulties for the practitioner.

Apart from the Enemy Destruction Remedies described above the use of the body parts of a snake are very popular in Tantrik Practices, including Tone and Totke related to gain of money and getting relief from ailments and diseases.

Note- This information is meant to give knowledge about Indian Tantrik and Paranormal Practices and should not be used for nefarious purposes.

All kinds of Paranormal Remedies and Mantras and Yantras for resolving enemy related difficulties can be seen in the sections on Mantra and Tantra for Enemies and Yantras for Every Purpose.

Those people who are scared of snakes or want to remove them from their homes can see the section on Protection Mantras and other sections of this site for suitable remedies.


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