Yantra for Getting Relief from Chronic Fever

A numerical Healing Yantra for getting relief from old or chronic fever has been described in this post. This Healing Talisman, which vibrates to the frequency of the number 340 is used along with a most powerful and effective combination of Beej Mantras.

The simple method of making and using this 340 Ka Yantra for removal of chronic fever has been given below.

1] This Yantra should be prepared on Thursday of Sunday.

2] It should be written on a Bhojpatra or a white piece of paper using Ashtagandha Paste with an Aanar Kalam, which is a small pointed stick of a pomegranate plant.

The Beej Mantra- ह्रीं श्रीं ह्रीं || - Hreem Shreem Hreem || should be written below the Yantra as shown in the image of the Yantra given below.

Healing Yantra for Getting Relief from Chronic Fever

3] Then, it should be worshiped by offerings of Dhoop and Diya and placed inside a copper or silver locket and worn around the neck or on the right wrist as a Healing Talisman.

This procedure is said to cure the practitioner of chronic fever in a short period of time.

After getting relief from the ailment, the practitioner can immerse the Yantra in flowing water.

Notes- The Yantra can be written in the English language or in your spoken language or mother tongue.

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