Gayatri Mantra Remedy for Trouble Free Pregnancy

In this post, I have written about a Gayatri Mantra Remedy for ensuring a safe and trouble free pregnancy.  This simple and easy remedy, which hardly takes a few minutes to perform is practiced before the pregnant lady is actually taken for the delivery.

This Gayatri Mantra Remedy for problem free and safe pregnancy can be practiced by following the two simple steps given below.

1] The practitioner has to take a clean and washed bronze plate and write the Gayatri Mantra 5 times on that plate using the paste of Ashtagandha as the ink and any pointed wooden or metal object as the writing instrument.

A few drops of water should be added to the Ashtagandha Powder in order to make the past. But you have to be sure that you are using genuine and unadulterated Ashtagandha powder for practicing this remedy.

Gayatri Mantra Remedy for Safe and Problem Free Delivery

2] Then, this Gayatri Mantra written bronze plate has to be shown to the pregnant lady once and then a small quantity of clean drinking water has to be poured in the plate and the plate has to washed and water should be poured into a glass or cup and given to the pregnant woman to drink.

This simple and uncomplicated Tantra is said to ensure that the delivery is safe and problem free.

Worship of Shri Ganesha
Apart from the Gayatri Mantra Remedy described above the worship of Shri Ganesha is most effective and beneficial for resolving all kinds of pregnancy related problems and ensuring a safe pregnancy.

Note- The information given in this post is only meant for sharing knowledge about Traditional Indian Healing Practises.

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