Vashikaran Yantra to Attract Anyone in One Hour

In this post, I have described a very rare and strong Vashikaran Yantra that is Visarjit or immersed in running water in order to cast a most powerful Voodoo Attraction Spell on any person for any purpose within just 1 hour.

The Vidhi or procedure of making and practicing this Vashikaran Yantra Experiment is most simple and it can easily be practiced by any person, including a layperson.

The power of the Vashikaran Yantra can be utilized as mentioned above on any targeted person for any motive, including money, business and love.

Vashikaran Experiment  to Attract Any Man or Woman  in One Hour

Hence, the practitioner can bind any desired man or woman, including his or her husband-wife, lover or ex-lover, boss or and other person in authority, like a judge or politician or any business associate or office colleague.

The Vidhi of making and using this Vashikaran Yantra is given below.

1] The Vashikaran Yantra can be made on any day by drawing it on plain paper using Rakta Chandana Paste. Rakt Chandana is also called as Lal Chandan or Red Sandalwood and the practitioner can make the paste by adding a few drops of water to the Rakt Chandana Powder or by rubbing a Rakta Chandana Stick and a few drops of water on a rubbing board

The word नाम in the middle of the Vashikaran Yantra should be replaced with the name of the targeted person.

A small pointed wooden stick can be used as the writing instrument.

2] Then, the Vashikaran Yantra has to be immersed in any flowing water body, like a sea, river or a canal.

This concludes the Vashikaran Experiment, however, I must add that there is no substitute for running water and Rakta Chandana Paste and the Vashikaran Prayog will not work without the use of both of them.

This is a standalone Vashikaran Tantra and even though, the Beej Mantras Hreem-ह्रीं and Shreem-श्रीं are used in this yantra, there is no need to worship it or perform any kind of Puja-Vidhi.

The Yantra Prayog can be performed once for any targeted person and repeated if there is a need to cast an Vashikaran Spell on other persons.

However, using the Vashikaran Experiment repeatedly for irrelevant purposes or just for fun will make it looses it power and effectiveness.

The Hindi language version of this Vashikaran Video can be seen on our YouTube Channel –

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  1. प्रातःकाल शय्या पर तीन बार दाहिने हाथ से निम्न मन्त्र से मुखमार्जन करें --ॐ राजमुखी राजमुखी ह्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं देवी महादेवी देवाधिदेवी सर्व जनाभिमुख मम वशं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा
    (दिन अच्छा बीतेगा ,सब आपसे प्रेमभाव रखेंगे )
    त्रिभुवन को वशीभूत करने में समर्थ निम्न प्रयोग को अपनाएँ ---
    ॐ सुंदरी भैरवी योगिनी राजा प्रजा महारथी वशं करी अं इं उम ऋम(उ और ऋ के सर पर बिंदी )
    यह 26 अक्षर का मन्त्र है .तेल और चन्दन से 108 बार जप कर वह तेल मुख में लगाएं .चन्दन से माथे पर तिलक लगाएं .सर्वजन वशीकरण हेतु रामवाण है .

    1. Satya nidhi sir right hand se mukhmarjan , what does it mean, please if you could explain sir??
      Thank you

  2. Hello sir, im simha rasi moon sign, i want to do pratyangira sadhana, but im afraid to do bcoz the goddess has kali & bhairav form in her. I want to do this bcoz my brother is doing black magic against me from past many years.. I have suffered a lot (no education, no job,no respect, even aftr hard work all goes vain). One thing i want to say i was born during partial lunar eclipse on poornima, thts why i fear a lot.. I hv anxiety also. Presently im doing narasimha sadana & hanuman sadhana. Im thinking good of others only bcoz when i was 25 yr old i did stamban mantra to make him mad when i stop it in turn harmed me. So i dnt think to harm anyone.. Only bcoz he harmed i did. Plz gv me diksha if ur a pratyangira sadhak sir or tell me some advice if i dnt want to follow that.. just scared to start it bcoz if it turn negative for me is what i scare most!!

    1. Pratyangira Devi is our mother no need to worry of anything or anyone pls perform her homam once and start praying her daily.. Everything will be recovered soon... All the best....

  3. I think mukhmarjan means rub ur face with right hand while chanting mantra

    1. जी हाँ ,मन्त्र का उच्चारण करते हुए दाहिने हाथ को मुख पर फिराएं .ये मन्त्र योगिनी तंत्र से लिए गए हैं .

  4. Hello what do we do with the paper after we submerge in water. Do we keep it dry it off and wear it or do we just let it go in the sea... thank you for your wisdom

    1. It is clearly mentioned that the paper has to be immersed in a water body meaning it has to be left there..

      This is what happens when all such Tantras are given on the net.. Newbies of such kind tend to end in trouble with such prayogs ..

      Always understand.. No Tantra will work immediately neither is everything fine and perfect until u have done a Sadhana of your Isht and atleast succeeded partially in it

  5. Hi Guruji
    How long the effect of the yantra will last?

  6. Those paste ingredients really hard to get different parts of the world , what color pen ink is recommended ? I don't mind if the results are in a month or two .

  7. Can I use orange chandan ? My country sucks

  8. Anar ki kalam use karni hai isme ?


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