Talisman to Get Out of Debt and Shortage of Money

A Talisman to get out of debts and shortages has been described in this post. This Talisman is similar to some of Karz Mukti or Freedom from Debts Yantras, however, it does not need any kind of energization process to make it work.

The Talisman is a combination of some unique numbers and figures, which vibrate to a specific frequency that makes it easy for the practitioner to cast this spell resolve his debt and money related issues quickly.

The procedure of making and using this Talisman for getting out of debts and money problems is as follows:

1] The Talisman, which is shown in the image given below can be made on any day on a white piece of paper using any kind of ink or pen.

Spell to Get Out of Debt and Shortage of Money

2] Then, it must be laminated, so that it does not get torn or spoilt and then kept in the pocket or purse.

This simple and easy paranormal ritual is said to ease the burden of debts or enable the practitioner to repay the loan and at the same times remove all kinds of money related problems and find peace of mind.

The Hindi language video of this Debts and Money Shortages Removing Talisman can be seen on our YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvIXcEE1UL8

Note- Many other Yantras, Charms, Spells and Talismans for getting freedom from debts, loans and all kinds of money and resources related problems, you can see the sections on Yantras for Money and Charms, Amulets and Talismans


  1. I have seen and used same above mentioned Yantra or Talisman from book “Anandi Vaastu” written by Anand Pimpalkar. I prepared it and given to one of my relative who was in Debt and deep financial problem. After started using this yantra by my relative, he was free from his debt of 10 lacs rupees in two years which he could not repay over 5 years and post which I gave him other yantra from same book for financial progress and now the family is completely debt free and living happily with overall prosperity. I had prepared the above mentioned talisman on the day of Diwali festival and one need to use GREEN INK to write it on paper or bhojpatra. After writing make a small prayer to god to get rid of debt, and show loban dhoop for 5 minutes to the yantra and then one can insert into locket and wear it in neck.

    || JAI SHRI RAM ||

    1. in this post u talked about loban dhoop , after searching it on google it is said that loban dhoop is very powerful and it uses on dargha on thrusday it you want to use at home please consult to any pandit ji or else who ever know it.....

    2. By doing Loban n dhoop at home taking your est dev's name only can remove negativity from your home

  2. मन्त्र महार्णव -देवता खंड के पंचम तरंग में गणेश (विनायक)जी के सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र के बारे में कहा गया है कि जो ब्राह्म मुहूर्त में प्रतिदिन इसका पाठ करता है उसके हाथ में समस्त इहलौकिक तथा पारलौकिक सुख आ जाते हैं .आयु ,आरोग्य,ऐश्वर्य ,धर्म,शौर्य,बल ,यश,मेधा,प्रज्ञा ,धृति,
    कांति,सौभाग्य आदि आदि आदि .......इसके जप से प्राप्त होते हैं ...जिस घर में इस स्तोत्र का पाठ किया जाता है ,वहाँ से श्री अन्यत्र नहीं जाती .
    दत्तात्रेय तंत्र में "ॐ क्लीं क्लीं नमः "यह पंचाक्षर मन्त्र दिया है .तुलसी की जड़ पर बैठकर एकाग्र चित्त से जप करने से मनुष्य अकस्मात राज्य प्राप्त करता है .शंकर का यह कथन निष्फल नहीं होता .इसका दश हजार जप करना चाहिए .

  3. You can use it in house also, its powerful against evil and good and healing with spiritual people or activity. You can use it on anyday. If loban dhoop is not available you can use sambhrani or kavadi dhoop also.

    1. Manju ji visit my website www.hiranyawarna
      Com and give your views.


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