Talismans for Protection From Evil Spirits

In this post, I have written about two most powerful and effective talismans for protection from evil spirits, ghosts, demons, vampires and other evil energies and vibrations. These are standalone numerical combinations, which are free from any kind of ritual or religious worship.

Protective Talisman that is consumed 
This talisman that has been shown in the image given below should be written on a clean and washed flat stone using sandalwood paste as the ink and a small pointed stick of the pomegranate plant as the pen.

Numerical Talisman for Protection From Evil Spirits and Demons

A few drops of water should be added to sandalwood powder for making the paste.

Then, it should be washed in clean drinking water and that water should be consumed.

This procedure gives protection from the dangers and threats posed by the evil entities mentioned earlier.

Protective Talisman that is worn around the neck
This talisman that can be seen in the image given below should be written on a white piece of paper using sandalwood paste as the ink and a small pointed stick of the pomegranate plant as the pen.

Very Strong Talisman for Protection From Evil Spirits and Vampires

Then, it should be placed in a metal or cloth locket and worn around the neck as a protective talisman from the harm posed by the evil forces that have been earlier mentioned in this post.

Notes- Both the talismans given above are standalone protective charms that are similar to Yantras and the practitioner should make use of both these talismans for better and more secure protection.

There is no need to chant any kind of prayer or spell in order to make these talismans work.

The Hindi language vedio of these Talismans / Tabeez for Protection from Ghost and Spirits can be seen on our YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BYqkaKPEgo

Many rare, unique and interesting talismans, charms, amulets and Yantra for protection from all kinds of visible and invisible mystical beings can be seen in other sections of this site, including the section on Exorcism Mantras and Rituals 


  1. Namaskar..
    In the second yantra.. There is an equal sign. Is it the sign or from prophet watermark..
    Secondly the other sign is looking like s.. Is it to be drawn like S..

    1. It is an equal sign which is part of the Yantra and the other sign is a S like shape, for example in the Mantra सोऽहं


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