Powerful Shabar Yantra for Healing All Diseases

In this post, I have written about a most powerful and unique Shabar Healing Yantra / Talisman, which is said to possess the supernatural power to heal all kinds of diseases, ailments, disorders, and sicknesses, including serious and chronic ones.

The method of making and using this Shabar Yantra, described in authentic Shabar Vidya Texts, is simple and easy and can be used by any person to heal himself or others.

The procedure for practicing this Shabar Healing Yantra Experiment is described below:

1] The Shabar Yantra can be prepared as and when required on any day at any time. The practitioner should write the Healing Yantra shown in the example image on a piece of white paper using Ashtagandha Paste as the ink and a pointed wooden stick as the pen. If unable to procure Ashtagandha, you can try using a red colored pen. Ashtagandha ink can be made by adding a few drops of water to the Ashtagandha and mixing it nicely. 
Shabar Healing Yantra for Every Disease

2] The Numbers of the Healing Yantra can be written in any order and language.

The Numbers of this Shabar Healing Yantra in English:
First Row: 78, 20, 95, 7
Second Row: 12, 92, 6, 90
Third Row: 87, 13, 96, 4
Fourth row: 23, 75, 3, 99

3] After writing the Yantra, the paper should be heated by holding it a little above a fire, care should be taken so that the paper does not get burnt.

4] Then, the Yantra should be worshipped by lighting incense and oil / clarified butter lamp in front of it and the practitioner should say a small prayer to the Deity of the Yantra for getting success in the Healing Experiment.

5] Then the Shabar Healing Yantra should be folded and put in a cloth or metal locket / Tabeez and tied around the neck of the patient or kept in his pocket or under his pillow if he is bed-ridden.

The Hindi video of this Shabar Healing Yantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Prophet666: Sarva Rog Nashak Shabar Yantra Upay

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Note: If you wish to attempt this Shabar Vidya Healing Home Remedy, you are advised to do so along with your medicines and medical treatment.


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