Paranormal Remedy to Heal Rotting and Infected Wounds

In this post, I have written about an interesting Totka or a traditional Indian remedy for healing and getting relief from wounds that are taking a long time to heal or wounds that have been infected and have started rotting.

This healing remedy has been classified as a paranormal remedy because this remedy makes the use of the parts of the Babool Tree, which is said to possess strong paranormal properties and also because of the use of an Utara, which is an exorcism ritual that removes bad, harmful, negative and dangerous energies for the body of an affected person or a place.

Totka or Upay to Heal Rotting and Infected Wounds

The procedure given below is used to practice this traditional Indian Healing Remedy for treating the kinds of wounds mentioned above.

1] Chew the fresh and soft leaves of the Babool Tree daily.

2] Ground the Bark of the Babool Tree also called as Babool Ke Ped Ki Chaal into a fine paste and then filter it through a fine Muslin Cloth and store it in a container. Every day add a teaspoon of Sahed or Honey to the paste and mix it and apply the mixture lightly over the wounds.

3] After this, do an Uttara of your wounds by lighting a Mitti Ka Diya or Clay Oil Lamp and rotating it five times in a Dakshinvart or clockwise direction around the wounds. Then keep this Diya in some place outside your home. This step has to be practiced only once on the first day,  after doing the first two steps that have been mentioned above.

As per the Tantra, this Totka, except the third step has to be practiced daily until the wound is healed.

Notes- This article has been written only to give information about traditional Indian Healing Methods and not to induce any person to practice them. Hence, this site cannot guarantee the success or failure of this remedy for healing rotting and infected wounds.

This Totka does not need the use of any kind religious ritual or the chanting of any Healing Mantra or Prayer and it can be started on any day.

A large compilation of paranormal remedies, Tone, Totke and Upay for healing and health related matters can be seen on this site, especially in the section on - Paranormal Healing Remedies


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