Vashikaran Mantra By Food Drinks and Tilak

The Vashikaran Mantra described in this post is one of the easier versions of a famous and popular Vashikaran Mantra using which various Vashikaran Experiments, including Vashikaran Tilak, Vashikaran Churna and other Vashikaran Prayogas can be practiced for casting powerful enchantment spells over any desired man or woman for varied purposes.

The Siddhi Sadhana to gain Mastery and use this Vashikaran Mantra to attract others is very simple and it can be easily practiced by anyone by simply chanting the Vashikaran Mantra given below for 1 Mala or 108 Mantra Repetitions.

ॐ सर्वलोक वशंकराय स्वाहा  ||
Om Sarvalok Vashamkaraaya Swaha ||

This Siddhi Sadhana can be practiced on any day and as per the Vashikaran Tantra there is no Puja Vidhi or any other ritual involved. The practitioner can use a Rudraksha or any other counting rosary for the Siddhi Sadhana and the Vashikaran Experiments described below.

Three different Vashikaran Mantra Experiments have been given below, which can be practiced using the same multipurpose Vashikaran Mantra.

Khane Peene Aur Tilak Se Achuk Vashikaran

The First one is Vashikaran By Eatable or Beverage Experiment and the Second and Third Experiments are Vashikaran Tilak Experiments.

Vashikaran By Food or Drink Mantra Experiment
1] Take the following ingredients in equal quantity and powder them to make a fine powder.
Bind this Vashikaran Churna by keeping it before you and chanting the Vashikaran Mantra 108 times.
Then, mix a pinch of this Vashikaran Powder in any eatable, snack,  tea, coffee, cold drink, fruit juice or any other food or beverage and give it to the desired person to eat or drink.
When the desired person consumes the eatable or beverage, the Vashikaran Spell is cast and the desired man or woman comes under the Vashikaran Spell of the practitioner.

Vashikaran Tilak Mantra Experiments
2] Take the leaves of the Tulsi Plant and a Paan and add a little quantity of the milk of a Kapila Cow to these leaves and prepare a fine paste.
Infuse this Vashikaran Paste with the Vashikaran Mantra in the same manner described in the First Vashikaran Experiment.
Then, apply a Tilak of this Vashikaran Paste on your forehead and go and speak to the desired man or woman.
This will bind the desired person under your Vashikaran Spell and make him or her act and behave as per your wishes.

3] Take the following ingredients in equal quantity and powder them to make a fine paste by adding a few drops of the Blood of your Anamika Ungli or Ring Finger.
The infusing procedure of this Vashikaran Tilak Paste is the same as described in the First Vashikaran Experiment.
Then, apply a Tilak of this Vashikaran Paste on your forehead and go and talk to the desired person.
The results will be the same as mentioned in the First Two Vashikaran Spells.

All the three Vashikaran Mantra Spells can be used for attracting any person, including attracting men and women for love and marriage, attracting and influencing powerful, rich and influential persons for money, business and political favors, attracting your boss and superior officers.

There are some more simple and easy to practice Vashikaran Mantra Prayogas that make the use of the same Vashikaran Mantra, which, I will try to describe in other posts.

There are also some other variations of the same Vashikaran Mantra, which will also be explained in detail in the future.

Note- See the sections on Attraction Mantras, Vashikaran Yantras, Magical Love Spells and Vashikaran Totke and Remedies for many more such Vashikaran, Mohini, Akarshan Spells of all kinds and for all purposes. 


  1. नीलजी ,पोस्ट पढ़कर श्रीदत्तात्रेय तन्त्रम का ध्यान आ गया .दत्तात्रेयजी ने भगवान् शंकर से कहा कि कलियुग में मन्त्र कीलित होकर शक्तिहीन कर दिए गए हैं .
    अतः बिना कीले हुए मन्त्र और क्षणमात्र में सिद्धि देने वाली तंत्र विद्या को कहिये .तब भगवान् शंकर ने मारण,वशीकरण,स्तम्भन आदि के जो प्रयोग कहे ,वे दत्तात्रेय तन्त्रम में वर्णित हैं .इसके मोहन प्रयोग नामक तृतीय पटल में वशीकरण के प्रयोग हैं .कुछ प्रयोग यों हैं --१ .तुलसीबीजचूर्णं तु सहदेव्या रसेन सह,रवौ यस्तिलकं कुर्यान्मोहयेत्सकलं जगत् ॥ ( रविवार के दिन तुलसी के बीजों का चूर्ण सहदेवी के रस में मिलाकर तिलक लगाने से मनुष्य सब जगत को मोह लेता है )
    २ .हरितालं चाश्वगन्धां पेषयेत्कदलीरसे,गोरोचनेन संयुक्तं तिलके लोकमोहनम् ॥
    (हरताल ,असगंध और गोरोचन को केले के रस में पीस तिलक लगाने से मनुष्य
    सबको मोहित करता है .)
    ३ .सिन्दूरं कुम्कुमं चैव गोरोचनसमन्वितम् ।धात्रीरसेन सम्पिष्टं तिलकं लोकमोहनम् ॥(सिन्दूर,केसर और गोरोचन को आमले के रस में पीस तिलक लगाने से सब मोहित हो जाते हैं ).


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