Supernatural Power Sadhana Mind Reading Secrets

Hello Sadhaks and readers today I am giving you all a real Mantra Sadhana to get the supernatural ability to visualize anything about anyone from anywhere and to read the  minds of other people and many other benefits – Post By a Sadhak. 

This Mantra Sadhana gives the Sadhak the supernatural ability to tell anyone about their personality,  their dress and what they are thinking along with mind reading.

You can tell anyone you meet that he has done this or that and his name and other details, his likes his secrets and can read his thoughts.

Supernatural Power Sadhana Mind Reading Secrets and ESP

This is a very secretive Mantra Sadhana and it is 100% successful if done correctly

It uses 2 items Ashtavari Mala and Gaj Darshan Drishti Yantra.

After successful completion of this Mantra Sadhana a light will come to you at that point you have to do Pranayam and you will get the power.

If you are talking to someone even on phone you can tell about their dress, who is with them and what articles are near them.

You can even read even minds from a far distance. It is a very interesting Mantra Sadhana

Procedure of practicing this Mantra Sadhana is given below.

1) Start the Sadhana from a Shukla Paksha Tuesday,  facing the north direction.

2) Do this Sadhana on a Asan made of Dub or Kush Gaas and place a red cloth on the Asan.

3) Keep a red color Ganesh ji idol in front of you.

4) Do Panchopchar Puja of Lord Ganesha.

5) Keep the Gaj Darshan Drishti Yantra one on the left and the other on the right side and use the Ashtavari Mala for counting the Mantra Chants.

6) Do 125000 Mantra Jap in 40 days, you can do a fixed number of Mala every day.

The best time to do this Mantra Sadhana is the Brahm Muharat, which is at 4-7 am but if that is not possible then do the Sadhana between 10 pm to 1 am in the night.

Maintain a Satvik lifestyle during the Mantra Sadhana.

Chant 5 times
Om gurve namah
ॐ गुर्वे नमः 

Chant 5 times 
Om gang ganpataye namah

Chant 1 time
Om jang bhram vedant vido vadanti param pradhanam naabh saaya mana raksha karanto him ritu jaye rama vidhano har ritu vacha

Main mantra 
Shri jirv ganeshum shum chedra pirang piram 
श्री ज़िर्व गणेशुम शुम छेद्र पिरंग पिरम 

Do Dhyan of Lord Ganesha during and also after the Sadhana.

Don’t eat food made by pregnant women and women having their monthly periods.

Don’t use bad words and curse or gossip about any person.

Don’t get in touch with a lot of people and try to maintain as much silence as possible.

Ashtavari Mala is mala made from Rudraksh and energized with 108 different Mantras and the Yantra used is also a unique and rare Yantra.


  1. Namasthe!🙏 I would like to get in touch with you personally regarding mantra sadhana.Can you please tell me your contact details? I would be very thankful.Regards !🙏

  2. Dear Aditya sir,
    Thank u so much for sharing this extremely rare mantra to read minds.Thanks so much.
    But pls tell me from where to get the Ashtavari mala and the Gaj Drishti Darshan yantra?

    1. Yes from ashram in aravali
      You can contact on

    2. Ok if u have did this Mantra Sadhana @aditya kaviraj,tell me what's going on my mind,if u r true don't lie that I haven't did this Sadhana,say about me, what's running in my mind???

  3. Guruji pranam is there any other way instead can we use ordinary rudrakshi mala and can we get the print out of yantra instead of buying it because i am a poor guy i wont be having so much of money to buy those things but i wanted to do this sadhana plz reply me guruji plz suggest me if any other possiblity

    1. Yes this sadhna is given by yogi from ashram in aravali and the articles as well are suggested by them but you can try using normal rudraksh mala

    2. sir where can i get sri darshan yantra i cant find online

  4. Ok if u have did this Mantra Sadhana @aditya kaviraj,tell me what's going on my mind,if u r true don't lie that I haven't did this Sadhana,say about me

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