Likely Experiences of Kundalini Awakening

Most practitioners of the Kundalini Tantra are unsure of what they will experience when their Kundalini Shakti has been awavakened and stimulated and moved from the Muladhara or the Root Energy Center, which is located at the base of the spine. In this post, I have described some of the likely experiences, which are associated with the upwards movement of the Kundalini Shakti.

There are some pointers, which can tell the practitioner, which of his Chakras have been stimulated by studying the flow of energy in certain body parts and their functioning.

Most practitioners of Kundalini Yoga are fully aware that their will be an increase in “Prana” or life energy when their Kundalini Shakti has been awakened and energized.

Likely Experiences of Kundalini Awakening

However, the Second and Third Chakras or the Svadhisthana and Manipura Chakras, if not controlled properly will control the practitioner and are likely to bring about his downfall as we can see from the experiences of some popular and famous Gurus who have have now become the object of hate and ridicule.

When the Kundalini Shakti starts rising from the Muladhara Chakra and makes its upwards movement through the Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna and Sahasrara Chakras there is a kind of restlessness and yearning in the heart of the practitioner and he is forever engaged in trying to gain more and more knowledge about the unknown and the supernatural.

The practitioner tries to gather as much knowledge as he can and searches for Gurus and advanced practitioners of the Kundalini Tantra who can guide and help him in his quest of becoming a Siddha Purush.

There are also some dangers on this path and the practitioner has to be fully aware of these obstacles and has to overcome them, if he wishes to successfully transcend the Sahasrara or Crown Chakra.

Svadhisthana or Sacral Chakra
This Chakra controls the flow of energy into the reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder and nearby organs. When the Kundalini rises to this Chakra, which is located in the region of the just below the Navel, there is a rise in the “Kaam Shakti” or desire to enjoy physical or bodily pleasure.

Sometimes, the Kaam Shakti can be stimilated to such an extent that the desire to indulge in physical pleasure becomes uncontrollable and overpowering and the practitioner looses control.

We have seen the examples of many well known Gurus, including elderly ones,  who fell prey to the overpowering urge to indulge in physical pleasures with their male or female followers.

These Gurus and Godmen and women lost control and lost all their accumulated goodwill and some of them have even landed in jail.

Manipura Chakra
This Chakra, which is located between the Navel and Solar Plexus is primarily responsible for the flow of energy in the stomach and other related regions of the body.

When the Kundalini Shakti rises and stimulates this Chakra there can be a tendency to enjoy good food and other luxuries in life.

This is the case with most Gurus and Godmen who are often seen enjoying good food and wine and living in the lap of luxury because there is an excess flow of life energy into the Manipur Chakra and the practitioner does not know how to control and divert this energy upwards or his is content with what is happening to him and does not wish to let go of the luxuries of life.

Anhata or Heart Chakra
When the Kundalini Shakti rises to this Chakra, the practitioner experiences love and peace for everyone. He is a peace with the world and wishes well for everyone.

Vishuddha, Vishuddh or Throat Chakra
When the Kundalini reaches this Chakra, the practitioner experiences a surge of youthful energy, his body starts healing itself and he does not fear death.

Agya, Anja or Third Eye Chakra
The practitioner starts gaining supernatural and paranormal powers and has a Darshan of Yoginis and Siddhas. He also has a Darshan of God or the Divine or Radiant Light.

He can also remotely view anything and visualize the past, present and future and gains strong powers of extrasensory perception.

Sahasrara Crown Chakra
The practitioner becomes one with God and becomes God-Like, the experiences will be unique and hence nothing can be per-determined when the practitioner scales this level.


  1. Dear Neel sir,if a person doing kundalini yoga my 2questions many years or days it will take to sahasra chakra opening
    2.if sahasra chakra opens will man will die or what???.
    3.If a person without doing kundalini yoga and sufferer of this life in just 35yrs itself,if he does moksha mantra Sadhana surrendering him all his deeds n everything will he die after reaching count chants or later about 60yrs what??
    4.i knew most mantra Sadhana goes fail but what about moksha mantra Sadhana. Is their chances of failure for this Sadhana too.
    Iwant shoot answer, don't say indirectly I m normal lay person.

    1. The Sahasrara Chakra can open for some people even without trying for others it might never open.
      No one dies after his Sahasrara has opened, it you are a lay person imagine the Sahasrara and all the other 6 Chakra to be only glands that are not functioning to their full potential and have to be set right.
      Moksha Prapti and other Sadhanas and the health of the body also depend upon the proper functioning of these 7 glands, which are the main energy centers of the body.

  2. ~shankar
    I can say simply one thing.

    - don't try to get all the answers at beginning.
    - it is a long journey..If you take it very seriously then it may takes around 3 to 4 years.
    - learn on the journey NOT NOW.
    - always be like you don't know anything and observe all your experiences
    And my answers to your question
    - If a person opens all the chakras : then their all life energies in their own hands..
    They can live or they can die..

    But at those stages , that powerful person doesn't wants to live in this body anymore..
    He leaves the body as soon as possible.

    If we have to fulfill some more things, then we can manifest the next birth as our choices or we can come out from this birth-death cycle completely and can become fully liberated.

    Everything will be in our hands.


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