Surya Mantra to Make Anyone Speak the Truth

A Mantra dedicated to Surya Deva or the Sun God to make anyone speak the truth or give correct information or facts has been described in this post. In the Hindi language this Mantra is called as the Sach Nikalne Ka Surya Mantra or Kisi Bhi Vyakti Se Sach Nikalne Ka Chamatkari Mantra.

This Mantra has also been attributed with the supernatural power of being able to enable the practitioner to walk on fire or enter a burning place without being burnt or injured. However, I cannot verify this supernatural power as I have not tried this Mantra Experiment nor heard or seen man or woman perform it.

The text does not mention if Siddhi or Mastery is essential over the Mantra before attempting to actually practice it to make anyone tell you the truth or to be able to walk on fire.

Surya Mantra to Walk on Fire

The Vidhi of actually practicing the Mantra for both the purposes mentioned above is most simple and basic.

1] To make any person speak the truth – The practitioner has to chant the Surya Mantra given below 21 times and then keep his hand on the forehead of the person whom he wants to speak truthfully of divulge the facts.

This simple Vidhi is said to make the targeted person speak the truth.

ॐ ह्रीं सः सूर्याय असत्यं सत्यं वद-वद स्वाहा  ||
Om Hreem Sah Sooryaaya Aasatyam Satyam Vad-Vad Swaha ||

2] To walk on fire or enter a burning place without being burnt- The practitioner has to chant the same Surya Mantra 21 times before walking on fire or entering a burning place to prevent himself from being burnt.

Note- This post has been written solely for giving information as such supernatural powers or Siddhis can only be gained by following secret methods. Hence, kindly do not attempt the second Mantra Experiment, the first one is harmless and can be tried. 


  1. i just tried this truth one on my brother and all he did was stare at me blankly with confusion and didn't say word apart from : "what are you doing". i think siddhi must be achieved first.

  2. Dear Neil ji, Pranams,

    THIS IS CRIICAL, it's a question of legends and Death, and NOT related to the Post - I am WITHOUT JOB from almost 10months now,
    With only few months saving left,,,,,
    Its Suicidal for me or I had to sell my only home ( which is also on loan, as I will not be able to pay EMI) which also would not be able to solve the issue except some few month relief,,,, so only solution is getting a good JOB,

    Please share me a Bharamashtra kind of solution to get a good pay ( as small pay salary again will NOT suffice my elder son Medical fees), a stable job , prefably a job abroad, and atleast stability for next 5 years without any break,,,,,

    All these months, I had very few interviews but no successes,
    I tried all remedies and many pujas,,, so only a BRAHMAASHTRA kind of solution is needed,

    Please share me what all I need to do, with my present state of mine, I may NOT be able to choose the right mantra/ Sadhana from the site,,,, though I go thru the post almost on daily basis,,,

    I leave it to YOUR best wisdom and a earliest reply Please,
    You may also share me detail thru mail -

    My Humble Pranams,,,,,,

    1. Mr. Sharma, do you have a computer or laptop with internet connection?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Many Mantras and Tantras for finding employment have already been given on this site. Do a site search and find a remedy that suits your needs.

    4. Neel ji,
      I am confused and with my present state of my mind can not / would not select the right mantra/ Sadhana to get a quick and desired job,
      Appreciate if Ur wisdom can help me getting a perfect and a AMOGH Sadhana in meeting my rqmt,
      Please ,,,,🙏🙏🙏

    5. You can chant the Mantra of your Ishta Devta for clarity and direction.
      For example- Om Namah Shivaya or Om Namo Narayana or whatever is the Mantra of your Ishta Devta.

  3. also how long will the mantra last for being fireproof?

  4. ...(pleace frog tongue on either head or chest of person to make them speak the truth, and rub frog fat on body for fireproof skin) (untested by me.)

  5. I tried the fireproof version of this mantra by chanting 21 times over a lit दिया. My hand still burns.

    1. "om shankar har har, agni stambhay sambhay".

      Try this. Chant it 7 times and blow air on a flame. The flame will lose its heat . Dont use your hands to check, just keep a pan. The pan won't get heated


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