Powerful Mantra to Burn Bad Karma

In this post, I have written about one more effective and powerful Hindu Beej Mantra for burning Karmic Debts or Dosha or defects that have been carried forward from the previous births or are related to departed ancestors.  This is a simple to pronounce and chant Bad Karma Eradication Mantra Chant, which is free from any kind of religious or paranormal rituals.

This Beej Mantra will also address issues related to negative and harmful energies and vibrations that have originated from some sin or act committed by the practitioner in his present birth.

Powerful Hindu Mantra Chant to Burn Bad Karma

The negative feelings and curses originating from a wronged person can be most intense and have the capacity to cause great psychological and material harm and damage to the targeted person or persons who have wronged him or her.

In fact, as pointed out in many previous articles, the success of Enemy Destruction Experiments, like Maran, Uchchatan, Videshan and Stambhan depends upon the intensity of hatred that the wronged person has for the target. The more the intensity the more the damage.

The Karma Dosh Removal Mantra Chant given below is said to burn away the negative energies that are effecting the life of the practitioner.

ॐ यः रः लः त्यज दूरतः स्वाहा ||
Om Yah Rah Lah Tyaja Dooratah Swaha ||

This is a stand alone combination of Beej Aksharas or letters that are not dedicated to any God or Goddess and are free from any kind of religious ritual.

The Mantra does not have to be Siddh by chanting it for a fixed number of times and will be effective if it is Chanted 108 times daily.

The practitioner can use any kind of counting rosary for counting the number of Mantra Chants.

Note- Many more Mantras for removing Bad Karma, Present and Past Life Sins and Curses can be seen on this site by doing a site search.

If you chant this Mantra and experience relief, then, kindly share your experiences in the comments section for the benefit of other readers who might wish to chant this Mantra.


  1. Can this mantra give us good life afterwards?

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  2. sir wish if there is a small mp3 when you post mantras for non Hindus in order to hear the right pronunciation

  3. I would be interested in pronouncation too...

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  5. Can the mantra be chanted without a mala/rosary?


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