Yantra to Protect House from All 4 Sides

A simple Yantra to protect your home from all the 4 sides or directions has been described by me in this post. This is yet another addition to the many other Yantras and Charms of all kinds, which have been published on this site for protecting your house and its inmates from all kinds of evil energies and entities.

This is a kind of Aapati Nivaran or Dangers Averting Yantra for the house as it prevents all kinds of evil energies, like ghosts, spirits, voodoo black magic spells, malefic energies emitting from the evil-eye and curses from entering the home and harming the residents.

This is a numerical Yantra and the practitioner has to write 4 such Yantras on a Tuesday on 4 Pieces of Bhojpatra or 4 plain white pieces of paper.

Yantra to Protect House from All 4 Directions

The ink should be the Blood of a Goat or Bakre Ka Rakt in Hindi, there is no option for this step. However, those who do not wish to use the Blood of a Goat, can use another Yantra, which uses a similar procedure. That Yantra can be seen here- Yantra to Protect a House from Calamities

The writing instrument can be any pointed wooden stick or an iron nail.

Once, the 4 Yantras have been prepared, they have to be collectively worshiped and an oil lamp and insistence stick has to be lit before the Yantras.

Then, the Yantras have to be buried on all the 4 sides or 4 outer corners of the house.

This is said to protect the house and prevent all kinds of harmful, dangerous and evil energies from entering the house.

However, as this Yantra has to buried in all the 4 outside corners of the house and hence doing this is not possible for people living in apparent houses,  these people can easily make the use of many other similar Yantras for Protecting a Property and its occupants, which have already been published on this site over the past few years.

The Hindi langauge video of the same Protection Yantra can be seen here -


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