Simple Healing Home Remedies Using Pyramid

In this post, I have written about using Pyramids to heal all kinds of diseases, disorders, and ailments and attract good health. Healing By Pyramids is a time-tested method for attracting powerful positive energy and eliminating negative energies from the body and its surroundings.

I have described simple and easy-to-use Home Remedies Using Pyramid to heal and cure a wide range of diseases and ailments. These techniques can be easily implemented by laypersons and experienced practitioners to improve the health or of their family members and friends. The use of Pyramids is widespread in Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui, and other Healing Therapies because of their proven ability to attract powerful positive vibrations from the atmosphere.

Healing Diseases Using Pyramids

Kind of Pyramid for Home Use: A Pyramid of about 4×4 inches or smaller size dimension can be used for home use. The Pyramid doesn't need to be of expensive metals, like gold or silver, or precious and semi-precious stones and crystals.

Pyramids made using cardboard, plywood, plastic, fiber, thermocol, paper pulp, or metals can also be used as effectively as a Precious Pyramid. The only thing to keep in mind is that it should be well-prepared and should not appear to be crude and rough. If you are unable to make one, you can easily get it made by a professional or purchase one from the market.

How to Use a Pyramid to Heal Yourself or Others: The Pyramid can be very effective in healing diseases by placing it over the affected body parts from 5 to 10 minutes to a maximum of one hour. Some examples are given below.

Keeping the Pyramid on the Head:
This is very beneficial in getting relief from headaches, migraine, removal of fear, tension, depression, phobias, loss of memory, and lack of intelligence. This will increase mental capabilities, stop hair loss, heal mind-related ailments and disorders, and regulate blood pressure and body temperature.

Placing Pyramids over the head will also be beneficial for people practicing Mantra Chanting and Meditation as well as those striving for spiritual progress by keeping the brain and mind calm and composed.

Placing Pyramid on the Chest:
This therapy is useful for getting relief from heart diseases, coughs and colds, dry and wet colds, breathing problems, and other chest-related diseases and ailments.

Placing Pyramid over Stomach, Back, and Hips: This gives relief from back and stomach pain, urination and indigestion, and constipation.

Placing Pyramid on the Reproductive Organs and Knees:
Removes ailments connected to the body parts in these locations, and gives relief from knee pain. It cleanses the reproductive organs, and womb, regulates the monthly cycle, and reduces irregular periods.

In addition to the above, Pyramid can be placed over wounds, boils, swellings, and joints to relieve pain and enable fast healing.

Using the Pyramid while Sleeping:
Placing the Pyramid below the bed, near the pillow, or hanging above the head will remove insomnia and give sound sleep to the practitioner. Using a Mosquito Net shaped like a Pyramid will be most beneficial.

Notes: If you are going to use Pyramid Healing Therapy, I would advise you to do so along with your medicines and medical treatment. This will facilitate fast healing and make medicines and medical treatment more effective.

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